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Explore over 200 exhibits at Questacon in Canberra, where visitors of all ages discover science through interactive galleries and shows.

Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra, Australia, is an interactive hub where visitors of all ages can engage with science and technology in an enjoyable and educational environment. The museum features over 200 interactive exhibits across eight galleries, ranging from the wonders of space to the intricacies of the nano-world. The facility is also renowned for its spectacular science shows and dedicated children's gallery, making it an enriching experience for families and science enthusiasts.

Interactive Science Exhibits

Questacon offers hands-on experiences that bring complex scientific principles to life. Some of the most popular exhibits include 'Excite@Q', which features a six-metre drop Free Fall slide to experience gravity and acceleration, and 'Earthquake House', where you can feel the power of an earthquake. The 'Mini Q' area is specially designed for younger children, with activities that allow them to explore and learn through play in a safe, age-appropriate setting.

Educational Programs and Workshops

For those looking to dive deeper into science, Questacon provides a range of educational programs and workshops aimed at students and educators. These programs are crafted to complement school curriculums and provide enriching learning experiences outside the classroom. From coding workshops to science communication sessions, there is an array of opportunities to expand one's knowledge and skills.

Questacon Technology Learning Centre

Within walking distance from the main building is the Questacon - The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (TLC). Here, visitors can engage in technology-focused activities and workshops. The TLC is a place where innovation and creativity meet, and visitors are encouraged to design and build their own projects using modern technology and materials available onsite.

Live Science Demonstrations

One of the highlights of Questacon is its live science demonstrations, where visitors can witness exciting experiments and displays that illustrate scientific concepts. ‘Spectacular Science Shows’ cover a range of topics from chemistry to physics, offering dynamic and entertaining presentations that captivate visitors of all ages.

Special Exhibitions and Events

Questacon routinely updates its offerings with special exhibitions and events that explore specific themes or scientific frontiers. These exhibitions often feature cutting-edge technology or global science advancements, providing a fresh and engaging experience for repeat visitors. Make sure to check their schedule or website for the latest information on current and upcoming special events.

Accessibility and Facilities for Visitors

The museum is committed to being accessible to all visitors. Facilities include ramps, lifts, and accessible toilets. There is also a café on-site where visitors can rest and get refreshments during their visit. Information on opening hours, ticket prices, and how to get there can be found easily on their website or by contacting the center directly.

Location and How to Get to Questacon

Questacon is conveniently located in the heart of Canberra’s Parliamentary Zone, making it easily accessible by public transport, car, or even foot from the city center. Parking is available for those driving, and there are bike racks for cyclists. For those using public transportation, several bus routes stop near the museum.

Visitor Experience and Feedback

The experience at Questacon is not just educative but also engaging, often leaving visitors with new insights and a heightened curiosity about the world around them. Feedback from visitors is consistently positive, especially highlighting the friendly staff, clean facilities, and the engaging nature of the exhibits. Visitors recommend allocating several hours to fully enjoy everything Questacon has to offer.

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