The best places to visit in the world

The 100 best places to visit based on 52,977 ratings by travelers from around the world. See the best cities, towns, villages, islands, and national parks. Over 40 countries are represented with places loved by those who went there. Perfect inspiration for your travel bucket list!

Best countries to visit

The best countries to visit are Italy, Japan, United States, Sweden, and China. There are more than 200 countries, yet these five countries offer travelers more than a third of the 100 best places to visit in the world. The exact positions on the ranking change over time, but the best countries consistently have a number of places that visitors rate as world-class.

The best country in the world to visit means different things for different people though. You might not care that there are many great places to visit in the same country if you have your heart set on a specific place, or you might simply have different preferences than other travelers.

Also, some countries like the United States and China are almost like continents in themselves, offering widely different experiences and landscapes in their different parts, while you can cross micro-nations like San Marino, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg in a few hours.

Best cities in the world to visit

The best cities in the world to visit are El Chaltén in Argentina, Zermatt in Switzerland and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. They are some of the best-rated destinations by travelers, and all offer high levels of safety, rich histories, unique cultures, as well as ease of transportation.

And while walkability, weather, nightlife, and the factors mentioned above, all play a role, two out of three are among the best food cities in the world and the third is in the food country Italy. Coincidence? We think not! Perhaps the best cities to visit in the world are simply great cities that also happen to have some of the best food.

Best national parks in the world

The best national parks in the world are Arches National Park, Göreme National Park and Banff National Park. These three national parks made the Humbo top 100 list based on ratings by travelers who have been there, and they were selected by our editors for a curated list of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

All three offer spectacular views and varied wildlife. They are also convenient to visit both for casual visits and full-on hiking adventures. And most important of all, while easy to visit, they are protected natural areas well taken care of by their respective countries.

We will not be shocked to see national parks in Kenya, New Zealand, Norway climb the list in the next few years with all their beautiful parks and focus on sustainable tourism.

Best islands to visit

The best islands to visit are Palawan in Philippines, Madeira in Portugal and Maui in United States. All of them are among the best-rated places by travelers, even outperforming many of the world's most popular destinations like Paris and Bangkok.

These three islands belong to three different continents and are loved for different reasons. Majorca and Cebu are both very large islands that offer palm trees, beautiful sand beaches, crystal clear water, small villages, and large cities. Styrsö on the other hand, is a small island in an archipelago on Sweden's west coast that offers picturesque houses, rounded cliffs, and a single main village with electric golf carts and bicycles as the main modes of transport.

The best islands in the world face stiff competition from everything from tropical islands in the Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Asia, to the rugged landscapes and dramatic cliffs of the isles in North America and Northern Europe.


Humbo is where travelers from more than 100 countries rate places they have been to and create bucket lists with places they want to visit.

Our top 100 shows the best-rated places on Humbo, offering insight into which places travelers actually enjoy visiting. Travelers give both an overall rating of the place as well as individual ratings for how they experienced the food, the safety, the people, the public spaces, and the value for money.

On Humbo, there are more than 300,000 places representing every country on the planet (and some places that are not even in a country). So it is quite a feat to make it to the Top 100!

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