About Humbo

Humbo is our curious and helpful little puffin named after the hugely successful explorer Alexander von Humboldt. Humbo travels the world tirelessly to help you find places that you will love. Cities, towns, villages, islands, nature reserves, and mountains. Well-known places, and places that you would never otherwise hear about.

Humbo the website is for people who want to explore the world. Some will drive a car, some will depend completely on public transport. Some want to experience the calm of a beautiful place in nature, others want to feel the energetic pulse of a megacity. And some will want it all.

Humbo was created by Jensa from the Czech Republic, Uyen from Vietnam, and Anders from Sweden. We decided to build a travel website in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic from our homes in Gothenburg, Sweden where Jensa dreams about driving his car really fast on winding roads to arrive at a beautiful natural spot in northern Norway, Uyen about eating her way through Tokyo, and Anders about enjoying a world-class gelato by the ocean in Italy.

We found that there are plenty of websites that help you decide how to get to a place, where to stay, and what to do. Humbo helps you decide where to go in the first place.

We work on Humbo as a hobby project. For us, it is a way to challenge ourselves and have a creative outlet without commercial pressure. We want to design a beautiful, simple, and fun website that is 100% for the users and focus on what we believe is good for you rather than what we can make money from.

Instead, we hope that we can reduce the fear of the unknown and encourage you to try something new by inviting you to explore the world in a sustainable way with trustworthy destination ratings and personal recommendations.

Thank you, Ha Trinh and 24/7 Creating for creating our beautiful puffin and branding for us!

Reach out if you want to collaborate: [email protected]