Historic Neighborhood in Sydney

The Rocks

Explore The Rocks' rich history in Sydney through its heritage architecture, museums, and weekend markets, all set by the Harbour Bridge.

Situated near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks is one of Sydney's most historic areas, where cobbled lanes and sandstone architecture tell stories of Australia's early convict history. It is home to the oldest surviving residential building in Sydney, Cadmans Cottage, and offers a blend of unique galleries, museums like The Rocks Discovery Museum, and the bustling weekend markets. The area also provides a variety of dining options, from historic pubs to contemporary Australian cuisine.

Cadmans Cottage

Cadmans Cottage, built in 1816, stands as the oldest surviving residential building in Sydney. Visitors can explore this historical structure and learn about its use over time, from a sailor's home to a water police station. The cottage is an excellent starting point for understanding the European settlement in the area.

The Rocks Markets

Every weekend, The Rocks Markets come to life with vendors selling artisanal crafts, homewares, and gourmet street food. The markets are an ideal place to find souvenirs, engage with local artisans, and taste a variety of foods that showcase Sydney's multicultural palate.

Museums and Galleries

The Rocks Discovery Museum

Delve into the history of The Rocks at The Rocks Discovery Museum. Here, you can trace the area's transformation from traditional Aboriginal lands to a thriving urban locality through interactive displays and multimedia exhibits. Entry is free, making it accessible to all visitors.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

A stone's throw from The Rocks is the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, which houses an impressive collection of contemporary art from Australia and around the world. The museum also offers stunning views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from its rooftop café.

Dining Options

The Rocks offers dining experiences ranging from outdoor cafes to upscale restaurants. For a meal with historical ambiance, visit The Hero of Waterloo, one of Sydney's oldest pubs, where you can enjoy traditional Australian pub food along with live music. Those looking for a modern twist on Australian cuisine might try The Dining Room at Park Hyatt Sydney, which provides breathtaking views of the harbour along with its fine-dining menu.

Annual Events and Festivals

The Rocks hosts a calendar full of events and festivals throughout the year, including Vivid Sydney, a festival of light, music, and ideas that transforms Sydney into a colorful canvas. The Rocks is a hub during this time, with its historic buildings serving as the backdrop for innovative light installations and projections.

Walking Tours

Guided walking tours offer a comprehensive look at The Rocks' past and present. From tales of convicts and sailors to visits to hidden alleyways, these guided tours enrich your visit with narratives you might otherwise miss.

Entertainment Venues

The Argyle

For nightlife, head to The Argyle, a venue set within an 1820s building that has been transformed into a six-bars-in-one concept. It's a local favorite for evening drinks, DJs, and live music events.


The Rocks has a range of hotels to suit various budgets. The Shangri-La Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney offer luxury accommodations with panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour, while the Russell Hotel provides a more affordable and historic stay right in the heart of The Rocks.

Safety and Accessibility

The area is generally safe for tourists and well-connected via public transportation. Circular Quay Station, only a short walk away, offers train and ferry connections to other parts of Sydney and beyond.

Public Transportation

Visitors can easily explore The Rocks on foot; however, the wider Sydney area is accessible through the nearby Circular Quay for train and ferry services. Additionally, buses frequently run along George Street, making it convenient to reach various destinations.

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