Historic Monument in Baku

Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası)

Explore Baku's Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası), a 12th-century defensive landmark with a museum and panoramic city views.

Maiden Tower, an iconic symbol of Azerbaijan, stands proudly in the heart of Baku's Old City. Dating back to the 12th century, this cylindrical structure has served various roles from a defensive fortress to a lighthouse. Its storied past and panoramic views of the Baku bay make it a focal point for visitors. The enigmatic design and legends surrounding its origin add to the intrigue of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architectural Features and Historical Significance

Maiden Tower, known locally as Qız Qalası, is remarkable not only for its impressive height of 29 meters and diameter of nearly 16.5 meters but also for its unique structure and design. The walls, up to 5 meters thick at the base, provide a glimpse into ancient defensive architecture. The tower comprises eight floors, each connected by a spiraling staircase, a testament to the engineering prowess of its creators. Historically, it has played a vital role in the city's defense system and has been intricately linked to the cultural development of Baku. Visitors to the tower can explore the various levels, which now house an insightful museum detailing the historical journey of this emblematic building.

Museum Exhibits Within Maiden Tower

The museum within Maiden Tower offers visitors an informative tour through various historical periods of Azerbaijan. Each floor showcases different themes, ranging from the tower's function in ancient times to elements of Azerbaijani culture and history. Artifacts, models, and multimedia displays provide context to the strategic importance of the tower and its surroundings.

Legends and Myths

Numerous legends are woven into the fabric of Maiden Tower, adding an aura of mystery. Perhaps the most famous is the tragic tale of a young maiden who leapt from the tower to escape an arranged marriage. These tales are more than just stories; they are an essential part of the local culture and serve as an intriguing aspect of the visit for those interested in folklore.

Views from the Top

Ascending Maiden Tower rewards visitors with unparalleled views of Baku and the Caspian Sea. From the observation deck on the upper floor, you can take in a 360-degree panorama that beautifully contrasts the ancient and modern aspects of the city - from the traditional Old City to Baku’s contemporary skyline.

Nearby Attractions in the Old City (Icherisheher)

Surrounding Maiden Tower is Baku's Old City, or Icherisheher, another UNESCO World Heritage site laden with historical monuments and attractions. Within walking distance, you'll find Shirvanshahs' Palace, another architectural masterpiece of Azerbaijani history, and a myriad of quaint shops offering local crafts, vibrant textiles, and culinary delights.

Accessibility and Visitor Information for Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is located in downtown Baku and is readily accessible by foot from many parts of the city. For those staying outside the Old City, public transportation and taxis provide convenient ways to reach this historical site. It is advisable to check for opening hours and entry fees before planning your visit, as these can change seasonally.

Cultural Events or Festivals

Throughout the year, Maiden Tower serves as a backdrop for various cultural events and festivals that celebrate Azerbaijani heritage. These include music concerts, art exhibitions, and traditional celebrations which can offer an enriching addition to your visit, providing deeper insights into the vibrant culture of Azerbaijan.

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