Get your swimmers on and go see some sculptures.

Grenada is an island country located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is one of the Windward Islands. The country is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the west, and Trinidad and Tobago to the south. The capital city of Grenada is St. George's and the official language is English.

A few interesting facts about Grenada are that the country is the world's second-largest producer of nutmeg and home to the world's first underwater sculpture park.

Grenada is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, diving, and hiking. Grenada also has a diverse cuisine that is influenced by African, French, Indian, and British dishes. Some examples of Grenadian dishes are callaloo, which is a soup made with spinach and crab, and curry goat, which is a curry dish made with goat meat.

Best places to visit in Grenada

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