Natural wonder in Achill Island

Croaghaun Cliffs

Croaghaun Cliffs offer towering sea views, hiking trails, and abundant birdlife on Ireland's Achill Island.

Croaghaun Cliffs on Achill Island stand as one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, soaring dramatically over the Atlantic Ocean in the west of Ireland. Less crowded than the famous Cliffs of Moher, visitors can experience the raw beauty of nature along with sweeping views of the ocean. The cliffs are a haven for seabirds and a popular spot for hiking and bird watching. Nearby, the serene Keem Bay offers a sheltered beach, ideal for relaxation after a day of exploring the rugged landscape.

For those looking to explore Croaghaun Cliffs on foot, the key starting point is the Lough Acorrymore trail. This moderate walk offers spectacular views and leads adventurers around a picturesque mountain lake before approaching the cliffs themselves. The terrain can be challenging and requires sturdy footwear and cautious navigation, especially near cliff edges. It's advisable to check local advice on trail conditions before you set off, as the weather can affect the trails significantly.

The cliffs are an excellent location for bird enthusiasts, where they might spot a variety of seabirds, including puffins, gannets, and razorbills. With the ocean's expanse right in front of you, it's an ideal setting to observe these birds in their natural habitat. Additionally, Croaghaun Cliffs are of great geological interest. Their sheer drop into the ocean and layered rock formations tell a story of ancient Earth movements and the unrelenting power of the sea.

Accessibility and How to Get There

Croaghaun Cliffs are located on the remote Achill Island, accessible by a bridge from the mainland. The closest towns with accommodation options are Keel and Dooagh. There are no direct public transport services to the cliffs, so visitors typically drive or cycle. There's a car park at Keem Bay from where you can begin your journey on foot.

Impact of Weather on Visits

The Atlantic weather plays a significant role in the Croaghaun Cliffs experience. Mists can roll in quickly, transforming the landscape and obscuring views. Always check the weather forecast before you visit and be prepared for rapid changes in conditions. It's best to dress in layers and carry waterproof gear.

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