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Sarona, Tel Aviv, a renovated area with old buildings, Sarona Market, parks, and cultural happenings.

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Located in the center of Tel Aviv, Sarona is a lively and historical area that highlights the diverse history of the city and its modern growth. Once a German Templar Colony, Sarona has been carefully restored, becoming a popular center for city life, while keeping its unique 19th-century buildings.

Sarona's change has been impressive. The area now has more than 33 original buildings that have been moved and renovated, which draws the interest of those who love history and old architecture. At these, the Sarona Visitor Center offers a look into the colony's history with interesting displays. It's known for connecting old and new, shown by the sight of restored Templar houses against the modern skyline of Tel Aviv.

The quarter is not only about history but also a busy place for food lovers. Sarona Market, a modern indoor food market, covers 8,700 square meters (93,646 square feet) and has a variety of food options. Here, visitors can try local and international dishes, from handmade cheeses to luxury chocolates, and fresh pastries.

Culture also thrives in Sarona with a range of shops, galleries, and entertainment spots. The gardens and open green spaces offer a quiet spot away from the busy city, perfect for family visits or a calm walk. Regular events, such as outdoor concerts and food festivals, give Sarona a festive feeling all year.

Those who are interested in local things to do should join a guided walking tour, which shares more about the colony's founding and its role in the history of the area. For a relaxed visit, the area is easy to walk around with lots of seating for visitors to sit and watch the passing scene.

Practical advice for travelers: Sarona can be reached by public transport, but parking is limited, so it's best to plan ahead. Visiting in the weekday evenings or on weekends can be more exciting. Remember to check for any events happening during your trip to make your visit better. While Sarona is an open space you can visit any time, the businesses and attractions there each have their own hours, which you should check before going.

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