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Milad Tower

Milad Tower in Tehran offers panoramic city views from its observation deck and features a revolving restaurant.

Milad Tower stands as the sixth-tallest tower in the world and a prominent feature of Tehran's skyline. This multipurpose tower serves as a telecommunications center, includes a revolving restaurant, and is topped by an observation deck offering panoramic views of the city. Constructed with a distinctive octagonal base and a tapered shaft, Milad Tower has become an iconic symbol of modern Iran and a focal point for its telecommunications network.

Observation Deck

One of the main attractions of Milad Tower is its observation deck, which offers an unparalleled view of Tehran from a height of nearly 280 meters. Visitors can access the deck via high-speed elevators that deliver them to the top in a matter of seconds. Once there, they are treated to a 360-degree view encompassing the city’s vast expanse. The deck is a must-visit for photographers and those looking to gain a unique perspective of Iran's capital.

Sky Dome Complex

The Sky Dome Complex is another section within Milad Tower not to be missed. It features a variety of entertainment options including a paintball arena, laser tag facilities, and an escape room. This family-friendly venue is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy recreational activities while basking in the modern marvel that is Milad Tower.

Revolving Restaurant

Milad Tower boasts a revolving restaurant, aptly named the Sky Revolving Restaurant. Situated at 276 meters above ground level, this restaurant serves a range of Persian and international cuisine, all while slowly rotating to give diners a complete view of Tehran during their meal. It's an experience that combines fine dining with breathtaking vistas.

Conferences and Events

Milad Tower also serves as a key location for various business conferences and cultural events throughout the year. Its International Convention Center includes a grand hall capable of hosting over 1,000 attendees. Those interested in attending or hosting an event should check the tower's schedule or get in touch with the management for more information on upcoming events and logistics.

Transportation to Milad Tower

Visitors can easily reach Milad Tower by car or public transportation. The closest subway station is Shahid Hemmat Station on Line 7 of Tehran's metro system, and from there, taxis are readily available to take visitors to the tower. For those driving, there is ample parking on-site with clear signs directing visitors to the tower's entrance.

Tower's Lighting

The night-time appearance of Milad Tower is compelling, with its structure illuminated by an array of lights that enhance its presence against Tehran’s night sky. This lighting display makes the tower visible from various points around the city after dark, highlighting its architectural features and adding to Tehran's nighttime allure. It's worth visiting the tower after sunset to witness this striking illumination firsthand.

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