Architectural landmark in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

Explore Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Twin Towers, featuring an observation deck, skybridge, mall, art gallery, and the adjoining KLCC Park.

Standing tall against the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the Petronas Twin Towers are a defining feature of Malaysia's capital city. These twin skyscrapers, once the world's tallest buildings, remain the tallest twin towers to this day. Connected by a sky bridge, the towers are a marvel of modern engineering and Islamic-inspired architecture. Within these gleaming structures, you'll find a wealth of attractions, including the Suria KLCC mall, an art gallery, and an observation deck with panoramic views of the city.

Observation Deck and Skybridge

The Petronas Twin Towers offer visitors the chance to take in Kuala Lumpur from its Observation Deck located on the 86th floor. You can enjoy expansive views of the city and its surroundings from this vantage point. Additionally, the towers are connected by a Skybridge on the 41st and 42nd floors, allowing visitors to walk between the two structures while suspended high above street level. The glass-enclosed bridge is not only a feat of engineering but also provides another perspective of the city for those looking for a unique photo opportunity or just to enjoy the sights.

Suria KLCC Mall

Located at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC Mall is a premier shopping destination filled with a wide array of stores, eateries, and entertainment options. Whether you're searching for high-end fashion, local crafts, or want to grab a bite to eat, the mall has something for everyone. With its six stories, the mall accommodates hundreds of stores, including international brands, cinemas, and a concert hall.

Petronas Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts should not miss a visit to Galeri Petronas, nestled within Suria KLCC. The gallery showcases a diverse collection of visual arts primarily from Malaysian artists. Through its rotating exhibitions and permanent displays, it provides insight into the nation's rich artistic heritage and contemporary creative scene.


Just outside the towers is the 50-acre KLCC Park designed by renowned Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The park features jogging paths, water fountains, a wading pool for children, and ample green spaces for relaxation. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to unwind amidst nature in the heart of the city.

Accessibility and Ticket Information

The Petronas Towers are accessible to visitors on most days. To ensure entry, it is a good idea to book tickets for the Observation Deck and Skybridge in advance as the number of tickets issued per day is limited. This can be done through the tower's official website or at the ticket counter. Visiting hours and ticket prices are also available online or at the premises.

Role in Kuala Lumpur's Skyline

As an architectural centerpiece in Kuala Lumpur, the towers play a significant role in the cityscape. Their distinctive postmodern style influenced by Islamic art creates a visual anchor visible from various points around the city. For those looking to capture the scale of the towers amidst Kuala Lumpur's skyline, nearby vantage points such as Menara KL Tower offer excellent photography opportunities.

Each of these attractions and aspects contributes to the Petronas Twin Towers being more than just an architectural wonder but a center for cultural, recreational, and commercial activities as well. Visitors can easily spend an entire day exploring all facets of this iconic landmark.

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