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Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. It is bordered by Benin to the west, Niger to the north, Chad to the northeast, Cameroon to the east, and Ghana to the south. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the official language is English, but there are over 500 other languages spoken in the country. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja.

Nigeria is a popular tourist destination for a number of reasons. The country has a diverse landscape, with forests, mountains, beaches, and a number of endangered animals, including the African elephant and the Niger River dolphin. The country is home to many ancient civilizations, including the Nok civilization, which is one of the oldest in Africa. Nigeria is also home to a number of World Heritage Sites, including the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove and the Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin.

The cuisine of Nigeria is just as diverse as the country itself. Some popular Nigerian dishes include jollof rice, egusi soup, and plantain fufu.

Best places to visit in Nigeria

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