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Sky Tower

Discover Auckland's Sky Tower: a 328m-tall structure offering stunning city views, thrilling SkyWalk and SkyJump activities, plus unique dining options.

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Sky Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere, marks Auckland's skyline with its distinctive needle-like form. Visitors can revel in panoramic views of Auckland and its two harbors, partake in dining experiences high above the city, or for those seeking adventure, engage in a SkyWalk or SkyJump off the tower. With a height of 328 meters, Sky Tower is not only a telecommunications and observation structure but also a testament to modern engineering and design.

Viewing Platforms and Panoramic Views

Upon entering Sky Tower, visitors are drawn to its three viewing platforms: Sky Deck at 220 meters, Main Observation Level at 186 meters, and Sky Café at 182 meters. These platforms offer a 360-degree view that encompasses the cityscape, the Waitematā Harbour, and beyond. Clear days provide visibility up to 80 kilometers in all directions, allowing for magnificent sightseeing opportunities. For a different perspective, visit the tower at night when Auckland's lights create a dazzling urban tapestry below.

SkyJump and SkyWalk

Adrenaline seekers should head straight for the tower's 192-meter jump platform for the SkyJump, a tethered-base jump that offers a thrilling drop at speeds of up to 85 km/h. Alternatively, the SkyWalk provides a hands-free, full-circle walk around the tower's pergola, promising an adventure at an impressive elevation with nothing but a safety harness between you and the city beneath your feet.

Dining at The Sugar Club and Orbit

A notable dining destination within Sky Tower is The Sugar Club. Located at 183 meters up, it provides an elegant fusion menu alongside sweeping views of Auckland. A floor below, Orbit offers a unique gastronomic experience in New Zealand's only rotating restaurant. Dining here is not merely about the food but also the ever-changing scenery as Auckland revolves around you.

Tower's Role in Local Events

The Sky Tower serves as the focal point for many local celebrations and cultural events. Its ingenious lighting system illuminates the tower for festivals and public holidays, displaying a range of colors and themes that often reflect significant causes or community milestones. Visitors can experience this first-hand during events such as Diwali, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve fireworks display which integrates with the tower's facade.

Accessibility and Ticket Pricing

Sky Tower ensures accessibility for all guests with lifts providing quick and easy access to its upper levels. Pricing for entry is structured to include various package options that can cater to individual preferences, whether it's simply visiting the observation decks or including adventure activities like SkyJump or SkyWalk. Discounts are usually available for children, students, and families which helps make this an accessible activity for a wide range of visitors.

Proximity to Other Auckland Attractions

Situated at the heart of Auckland, Sky Tower is conveniently located near other notable attractions such as Viaduct Harbour, Aotea Square, and the Auckland Art Gallery. Combining a visit to these sites with a trip up Sky Tower can make for a fulfilling day exploring the city's highlights. Visitors can plan their day accordingly, perhaps starting with the breathtaking views from Sky Tower and then descending to explore nearby downtown attractions on foot.

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