How to travel in a sustainable way

We truly believe that traveling makes the world a better place. It helps people understand each other and have great experiences. But we have to travel in a more sustainable way. Here are the 7 principles for sustainable travel that guide us when traveling, and when creating a responsible experience on Humbo.

1. Explore more places nearby

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling is to not travel far. People probably travel all over the world to visit places around you. Explore more closer to home, be it your city, region, country, or continent.

2. When you go far, plan well

Take fewer long trips by also staying longer in the same places and combining far away places during the same trip. Long weekends on different continents are rarely sustainable, traveling all over a continent by train for a month is more so.

3. Avoid places suffering from overtourism

Think twice about visiting places like Venice and Amsterdam that are crumbling under the pressure of overtourism during high season. More people are able to travel each year and overtourism threaten the culture, economy, and nature of many extremely popular places.

4. Use sustainable transportation

Go for sustainable transportation both when going to your destination and while there. It is pretty simple; walk and bike when possible, use public transportation as your primary mode of motorized transportation, when driving go together in a hybrid or electric car, and avoid planes and cruise ships.

5. When you have to fly, fly smart

Sometimes flying is the only viable option, when that is the case you can still make more sustainable choices like flying non-stop, packing light, and choosing airlines that use renewable biofuels such as Qantas, Lufthansa, and KLM - there is a lot of exciting development in this area!

6. Support the local economy

Today the majority of money spent on tourism benefits big global tourism operators, rather than the places you visit. Help change this by eating at local restaurants, buying local products, using local service providers, and staying at local accommodation. Avoid sponsoring local organized crime by not buying counterfeit products and other things illegal.

7. Leave no trace in nature

Leave nature areas as you found them. Clean up before you leave, respect wildlife by observing from a distance, do not take natural artifacts, and do not engage in animal tourism such as riding elephants, walking with lions or visiting tiger enclosures.

We will update this page as we learn more. Please send any ideas to [email protected]

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