Aquarium in Cape Town

Two Oceans Aquarium

Explore marine life at Two Oceans Aquarium with over 200 species, interactive exhibits, and conservation programs in Cape Town's V&A Waterfront.

Situated in the vibrant V&A Waterfront of Cape Town, the Two Oceans Aquarium is an underwater haven where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. Home to a wide array of marine life, the aquarium features exhibits such as the enchanting Kelp Forest and the captivating Predator Exhibit with its large sharks. Interactive experiences include touching pools and informative feeding sessions, providing an educational and engaging visit for all ages.

Marine Life Exhibitions

The Two Oceans Aquarium is a showcase for over 8,000 sea creatures, representing some 200 species, where visitors can marvel at the diversity of marine life. The I&J Ocean Exhibit is an immense tank fitted with a full-length viewing window, home to turtles, rays, and schools of shimmering fish. Don't miss the Kelp Forest Exhibit, one of only a few living kelp forests displayed in an aquarium worldwide. It offers a rare glimpse into this unique and complex ecosystem.

Educational Programs and Conservation Efforts

Education is at the heart of the Two Oceans Aquarium's mission. Through its various programs, like the Marine Sciences Academy, it provides valuable learning experiences for students and visitors. The aquarium is also involved in conservation projects such as turtle rehabilitation, which visitors can learn about during their tour. This commitment to marine life extends beyond display tanks and into real-world ocean protection.

Feeding Times and Animal Encounters

Visitors should plan their visit around the feeding times, which are particularly exciting to observe. During the Predator Exhibit Feeding, watch as ragged-tooth sharks glide by and snatch their food with precision. Curious travelers can also participate in interactive Penguin Encounters, providing a closer look at these endearing birds and understanding their behavior under the care of qualified staff.

Special Events and Exhibits

The aquarium often hosts special exhibits and events that highlight different aspects of marine life and conservation efforts. Seasonal exhibits can include unique species being brought into focus or art installations that promote environmental awareness. Check the aquarium's calendar before your visit to see what special events might coincide with your trip.

Visitor Amenities and Accessibility

Convenience and accessibility are well-considered at the Two Oceans Aquarium. The facility includes a restaurant with oceanic views, a well-stocked gift shop for souvenirs, and is wheelchair-friendly throughout. Lockers are available for personal belongings, ensuring that you can explore the exhibits hands-free.

Location and Proximity to Other Attractions in Cape Town

The Two Oceans Aquarium is ideally situated within the V&A Waterfront, making it easy to combine a visit with other nearby attractions. The iconic Table Mountain is just a short drive away, and the historic Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned is accessible via ferry from the waterfront itself.

Ticket Pricing and Membership Options

Tickets can be purchased upon arrival or online, with discounts available for children, pensioners, and students. Consider a membership for unlimited visits throughout the year, which also offers benefits like exclusive previews of new exhibits and discounts at the aquarium store and restaurant.

Interactive Experiences for Children and Families

The aquarium is not just informative but also interactive, especially appealing to younger visitors. Children can partake in hands-on experiences at the Touch Pool, where they can feel the textures of starfish and sea urchins under careful supervision. Regular puppet shows captivate the little ones while conveying important messages about marine conservation.

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