Historic Building in Brussels

Royal Palace of Brussels

Explore the Royal Palace of Brussels' rich state rooms and art, open post-July 21st until September.

In the heart of Belgium's capital lies the Royal Palace of Brussels, the official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium. Although it is not used as a royal residence, its role in the constitutional monarchy is pivotal, hosting state receptions and royal audiences. The palace's classical facade, stretching 50% longer than Buckingham Palace, impresses visitors, while its interior, open to the public during the summer, reveals lavish state rooms adorned with valuable art and intricate tapestries.

Visiting Hours and Public Access

The Royal Palace of Brussels opens its doors to the public each year during the summer, following the National Holiday on July 21st until September. Entry is free, offering a unique opportunity to explore the stately rooms where the Belgian monarchy undertakes its official duties. Visitors should check the palace's official website for specific visiting hours and potential changes to the schedule.

Architectural Highlights

As you enter the palace, the majestic staircase, designed by Alphonse Balat, sets an opulent tone for what's to come. Pay particular attention to the Goya Room, adorned with valuable tapestries based on the card game paintings by Francisco de Goya, and the Throne Room with its impressive ceiling decorated by the artist Jan Christian Hansche.

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

Located in the palace's expansive grounds is the Royal Greenhouses complex in Laeken, a striking example of 19th-century glass and iron architecture. Open for a limited period each spring, this collection of domed botanical gardens houses a vast array of exotic plants and flowers, some of which are rare species cultivated by royal decree.

Art and Artifacts

Within the palace, art enthusiasts will appreciate the array of classical art and historical artifacts on display. The Mirror Room stands out with its modern art installation by Michel François – 1.4 million beetle wing cases forming a stunning mosaic as a commentary on Belgium's colonial past.

Ceremonial Functions

Although not an everyday occurrence, if you time your visit correctly, you may witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside the palace. This event provides a glimpse into the longstanding traditions of the Belgian monarchy.

Attractions in Proximity

Just a short walk from the palace is Brussels Park, perfect for a leisurely stroll after your visit. Additionally, within walking distance are other notable sites, including the Magritte Museum, showcasing the works of famous surrealist René Magritte, and the BELvue Museum for those interested in Belgium's national history.

Visitor Accessibility

The Royal Palace is readily accessible via public transport, with both trams and buses stopping nearby at the Brussels Park. For visitors driving to the palace, parking can be challenging due to its central location, so public transport or walking from nearby accommodations are recommended options.

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