A fairytale town with canals, bridges, cobbled streets, and swans.

Medieval architecture, canals, the Belfry, Basilica of the Holy Blood, local breweries, lace-making, and Flemish stew, offering a rich cultural experience.

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Zeebrugge, Belgium, is a coastal village with a large port, sandy beach, seafood spots, and the Seafront Maritime Theme Park. It also has World War I historical sites.

Photo of Groeningemuseum in Belgium

Flemish Art Museum

Groeningemuseum in Bruges showcases Belgian and Flemish art from the 14th to 21st century, including works by Jan van Eyck and René Magritte.

Photo of Belfry of Bruges in Belgium

Climb the Belfry Tower

Belfry of Bruges: A 13th-century Gothic tower in Bruges with panoramic city views, 366 steps, and a 47-bell carillon. Explore its medieval architecture and history.

Photo of Canals of Bruges in Belgium

Canal Boat Tour

Explore the Canals of Bruges, with boat tours offering views of Belfry of Bruges, Church of Our Lady, historic bridges, and unique Flemish architecture.

Photo of Choco-Story in Belgium

Chocolate Museum

Choco-Story in Bruges, Belgium, is a museum where visitors learn about chocolate's history, making process, and enjoy tastings and interactive workshops.

Photo of Minnewaterpark in Belgium

Lake of Love

Minnewaterpark in Bruges features the serene "Lake of Love," 13th-century Beguinage, old fortifications, abundant birdlife, and nearby Belgian cuisine options.

Bruges, a city in the Flemish Region of Belgium, is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and network of canals that have earned it the nickname "Venice of the North." The cobbled streets lead to landmarks like the Belfry of Bruges, an 83-meter tall bell tower, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which houses a vial believed to contain a drop of Christ's blood. The city is also famous for its breweries, offering a taste of Belgian beer history, and its lace-making tradition.

Historical Landmarks

Belfry of Bruges The Belfry of Bruges is an iconic structure dating back to the 13th century. With 366 steps leading to the top, the tower offers a panoramic view of the city. The climb is steep but worth it for the perspective you get of the city’s layout and canals. Another key historical site is the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Founded in the 12th century, this basilica is believed to house a relic of the Holy Blood, brought back from the Holy Land.

Bruges City Hall Another important historical spot is the Bruges City Hall, located on Burg Square. Built in 1376, it is one of the oldest town halls in Belgium. The Gothic Hall inside is worth exploring with its vibrant murals and intricate woodwork.

Local Cuisine

Belgian Beer and Breweries Bruges is renowned for its local breweries like De Halve Maan Brewery, which has been brewing since 1856. Here, you can take a guided tour to learn about the brewing process and sample some traditional Belgian beers. The city is also known for its chocolate shops such as Choco-Story, which offers both a history of chocolate and delicious samples.

Local Dishes For dining, try local dishes like Flemish stew, a beef stew cooked in beer, and mosselen-friet, mussels served with fries. The Markt Square area has several restaurants where you can sample these traditional dishes.

Main Attractions

Groeningemuseum Art enthusiasts should visit the Groeningemuseum, home to a collection of Flemish Primitives and works by Jan van Eyck. The exhibits span from the 14th to the 20th century.

Minnewater Park For a more relaxed outing, Minnewater Park is an excellent choice. Known as the "Lake of Love," this area is perfect for a scenic walk or a picnic.

Daily Life and Atmosphere

The vibe in Bruges is calm yet active with tourists visiting year-round. Locals are friendly and often speak multiple languages including Dutch, French, and English. The city is safe and generally quiet at night, offering a peaceful atmosphere that contrasts with its daytime activity.

Average temperatures during the day in Bruges.

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