Hot Springs in Banff National Park

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Relax in Banff Upper Hot Springs' warm waters, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, with a long history and scenic views.

Banff Upper Hot Springs is located in the Canadian Rockies and is a naturally heated geothermal pool that has been open to the public since 1932. It offers views of the surrounding mountains at an elevation of 1,585 meters (5,200 feet), and it is one of the few hot springs in a national park that the public can use for bathing.

Banff Upper Hot Springs is a spot where visitors can see Canada's nature and learn about its early tourism and wellness history. The waters were used by Indigenous people and later by European settlers for their believed healing properties. The facility still has its original bathhouse, creating a spa-like environment in a simple setting.

Visitors relax in waters that reach temperatures of 37 to 40 degrees Celsius (98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), which contain minerals like sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium. The pool's edges allow for clear views of Mount Rundle and Sulphur Mountain.

Local Activities & Norms Banff National Park has a range of activities from hiking trails to skiing during the winter. After spending time outdoors, the hot springs are a calm place to rest your muscles and enjoy the surroundings. It’s important to be considerate of the quiet atmosphere and to follow rules to have a safe, enjoyable visit.

Culture & History The springs are an important aspect of the park's culture, with stories of the first explorers and business people who turned the area into a tourist destination. Displays and information around the site provide knowledge about its history, allowing visitors to learn about the place's past.

Why Visit? If you want to relax in nature or are interested in historical sites that are maintained for both fun and education, Banff Upper Hot Springs might be a good place to add to your travel plans. It shows Canada's effort to keep its natural sites while also making them available for people to visit and for health reasons.

Advice Visit at times when it’s less busy to avoid large groups of people, and check for closures due to weather. Bring a swimsuit and flip-flops, although you can rent them. Be aware that high altitudes can have different effects on people, so drink plenty of water and take it easy if you're not used to high elevations.

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