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Toronto Islands

Explore Toronto Islands' scenic parks, historic lighthouse, recreational activities, and tranquil beaches—a quick ferry ride from the city.

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The Toronto Islands offer a refreshing escape from the city's downtown core, just a short ferry ride across Lake Ontario. This group of small islands provides a park-like atmosphere with beaches, picnic areas, and bike paths. Centreville Amusement Park caters to families, while the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse adds a touch of history, being one of the oldest landmarks in Toronto. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or outdoor activities, the Toronto Islands present a unique urban oasis.

History of Toronto Islands and Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

The history of the Toronto Islands began with their formation over 10,000 years ago due to sediment buildup from the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario's changing water levels. Over time, the Islands have seen various uses, from industrial purposes to a popular entertainment area. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse stands as a testament to this history; built in 1808, it is one of Toronto's oldest buildings and has its own tales, including local ghost stories. Visitors can explore the lighthouse area and imagine the early days of lake travel and the role this lighthouse played in ensuring the safe passage of ships into the harbour.

Recreational Activities

With vast green spaces and waterfront access, the Toronto Islands are a hub for recreational activities. There are numerous bike paths and walking trails for those who want to explore the islands at a leisurely pace. Canoeing and kayaking are also popular, with rentals available to paddle along the calm lagoon waters. For more land-based fun, visitors can enjoy sports fields and volleyball courts.

Beaches and Swimming Facilities

For beach enthusiasts, the Toronto Islands feature several sandy spots. Hanlan's Point Beach is one of only a few clothing-optional beaches in Canada and is known for its relaxed atmosphere. Those looking for a family-friendly option might prefer Centre Island Beach, which has nearby amenities and lifeguards on duty during the summer.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

The Toronto Islands play host to a variety of seasonal events and festivals that cater to both locals and tourists. The summer months are particularly active, with events such as outdoor concerts, theatre performances, art fairs, and food festivals.

Dining Options on the Islands

Toronto Islands have several dining options that range from casual cafes to more formal sit-down eateries. Visitors can enjoy a meal with a view at a lakeside restaurant or pick up a quick bite from one of the stands or kiosks scattered throughout the islands.

Transportation to and from the Islands

Access to the Toronto Islands is primarily through ferries that depart from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal located at the foot of Bay Street and Queens Quay. There are three main ferry routes that lead to Hanlan's Point, Centre Island, and Ward's Island. Water taxis also offer a faster but more expensive alternative to get to and from the islands.

Accommodations for Overnight Stays

While most visitors come for a day trip, there are limited accommodations on the Islands for those who wish to stay overnight. These include quaint bed-and-breakfasts as well as short-term rental cottages, providing a peaceful stay with stunning skyline views of Toronto.

Community and Residential Life on the Islands

The Toronto Islands are not just a recreational space; they also boast a small, tight-knit residential community. Primarily located on Ward's Island and Algonquin Island, residents live year-round in charming homes that add to the picturesque nature of the location. Visitors can stroll through these residential areas for a glimpse into island life but are reminded to respect the privacy of residents.

By visiting Toronto Islands, one can experience both natural beauty and exciting activities, all within eye shot of Canada's largest city skyline. The range of attractions from beaches to historical sites ensures there is something to captivate every kind of visitor.

What people say about Toronto Islands


My absolute favourite part of my Toronto trip was this Island. Really beautiful to see the city get further away as you ride the ferry and once you get the Island the skyline is just fantastic.
The island itself is HUGE. There is so many place to just walk around and have a picnic. There's nice little beaches around. Plenty of food spots. Cafe's and a restaurants. Water sports. Really nice, clean facilities. My only complaint was that I only got to experience an afternoon there especially because of the traffic in and out of Toronto.


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