Valley in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Explore Lauterbrunnen Valley, a peaceful Swiss Alps spot with 72 waterfalls, meadows, and the path to Jungfraujoch.

Lauterbrunnen Valley, with its waterfalls and sheer cliff faces, is a distinctive part of the Swiss Alps. This landscape is home to 72 cascading waterfalls, traditional wooden houses, and the well-known peaks above the green valley floor.

Lauterbrunnen is the gateway to the Jungfrau region, where adventure and calmness exist together. The valley stretches over 1 km in width and is lined by rock faces reaching heights of up to 300 meters (984 feet). The Staubbach Falls, which drop nearly 300 meters (984 feet) from overhanging rock, are a demonstration of nature's work.

Visitors explore the Trümmelbach Falls, ten glacier-fed waterfalls inside the mountain, accessible through a century-old tunnel-funicular. These falls carry meltwater from the Jungfrau glaciers, pouring down at rates up to 20,000 liters (5,283 gallons) per second.

An elevated view from a cable car ride to the village of Mürren offers a broad view of the valley and surrounding peaks. Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau stand as protectors over the landscape, providing a striking setting for hikers and nature lovers. The region has walking trails, including the path to the Lauterbrunnen-Mürren Mountain Railway.

While Lauterbrunnen Valley's beauty is visible year-round, it is especially pronounced in spring and summer when the meadows are filled with wildflowers and the waterfalls are at their strongest. Winter turns the valley into a starting point for skiing and snowboarding at higher elevations.

For a sample of Alpine life, visitors can visit the valley's restaurants and shops. Despite its popularity, Lauterbrunnen maintains a genuine atmosphere, with a few hundred locals continuing their traditions in the midst of the natural scenery that attracts a worldwide audience.

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