The hub of Switzerland split by the Limmat River.

Switzerland's financial center with a historic Old Town, top museums, and beautiful Lake Zurich.

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Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, serves as a key financial center. Close to the scenic Lake Zurich and with the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the city is also not lacking natural beauty. Zurich is known for its well-maintained medieval Old Town and active cultural scene, including over 50 museums and 100 art galleries.

Zurich's streets are historic, especially in the Old Town (Altstadt) where stone roads lead to landmarks such as Grossm├╝nster and Fraum├╝nster churches, both with stories dating back to the Reformation. The city's commitment to art is clear in the Kunsthaus, featuring impressive collections of modern and contemporary works.

Financial strength is visible along the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world's most expensive shopping streets. However, Zurich offers a contrast to its sleek financial image with an alternative culture in areas like Zurich West, a former industrial zone now full of creative activity.

Local practices emphasize environmental care, seen in the clean streets and detailed recycling programs. The city's public transport system is top-notch, making it easy to get around without a car. Lake Zurich provides a break from city life, with chances to sail or swim in water so clean you can drink it.

Zurich's treats range from luxury watches to Swiss chocolate, but don't miss the active food scene; sample local dishes like Z├╝rcher GeschnetzeltesÔÇöveal in a creamy sauce, usually served with r├Âsti. Cultural events occur all year, but the Street Parade and Zurich Film Festival attract international visitors.

Guests should think about the weather before planning their visit; winters can be cold with temperatures from -10┬░C to 5┬░C (14┬░F to 41┬░F), while summers are warm, with temperatures from 15┬░C to 30┬░C (59┬░F to 86┬░F). Regardless of the time, Zurich's effective systems and wide range of activities provide many reasons to visit, from its historical treasures to its present-day heartbeat.

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