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Swiss National Museum

Explore Swiss history from old to new in the 1898 castle-like Zurich National Museum.

The Swiss National Museum in Zurich, a monument of national significance, is notable for its castle-like architecture and comprehensive exhibits that showcase Swiss cultural history. Its collection spans from prehistoric times to the present day, with displays that tell the story of Switzerland's development.

Established in 1898, the museum is housed in a grand building designed by architect Gustav Gull, reflecting the historicist style of the era. The museum's exterior, with its towers and courtyards, is reminiscent of a fairytale castle.

Inside, the museum has a wide range of exhibits. It contains a large selection of historical items, including ancient sculptures, traditional costumes, and armory. Visitors can explore everything from medieval frescoes to 20th-century design. The collection of religious wooden liturgical carvings and altars is notable for its quality in Switzerland.

The museum also works to relate history to current times. Temporary exhibitions often address themes that are relevant today, inviting visitors to consider the historical background of contemporary issues.

For those interested in the study of coins, the museum has a large collection of coins that offers insight into the economic and political history of Switzerland. The section on textiles shows the skill and artistry of Swiss textile production, which was important for the country's industrial history.

Visitors should plan to spend a few hours to fully explore the museum's offerings. Guided tours are available and can provide additional information on Swiss heritage.

A trip to the Swiss National Museum is not just a walk through time; it is an educational experience that shows how Swiss traditions, craftsmanship, and changes in society contribute to the country's distinct identity. Open Tuesday to Sunday, with free admission on the first Sunday of every month, it is open to anyone interested in learning more about Switzerland's history and culture.

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