Historic Street in Chengdu

Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street in Chengdu has local culture, old buildings, food, and lanterns at night.

Jinli Ancient Street, located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is a lively representation of traditional Sichuan culture, architecture, and lifestyle. Dating back to the Qin Dynasty, this busy promenade is known for its preservation of the Three Kingdoms period culture and its combination with today's leisure activities.

Jinli Ancient Street runs approximately 550 meters (1804 feet) in length, offering visitors a look at the past with its Qing Dynasty-style buildings. The architecture is noted for its detailed timberwork and brickwork, creating a historical experience. This street is not just a glimpse into history but also a center of Sichuan folk customs and cuisine.

The street's atmosphere shifts from daytime calm to an active evening spot. During the day, traditional handicraft shops show their products, ranging from detailed Shu embroidery to lacquer items. The craftsmanship on display shows the skills local artisans have passed down for generations. In the evening, Jinli is lit up by red lanterns, creating a welcoming atmosphere over the crowds that come to enjoy the street food, like spicy Sichuan skewers and sweet rice balls.

Entertainment includes Sichuan opera performances, known for the face-changing technique, and traditional tea houses where you can watch a local tea ceremony. Musicians often play old tunes on bamboo flutes, adding a genuine sound to your walk.

Local habits focus on enjoying the surroundings, so it's common to see people having relaxed conversations, playing mahjong, or just taking in the atmosphere. While Jinli's commercial side is clear, it's matched by cultural depth, like the nearby Wuhou Shrine, which honors the Three Kingdoms era figures.

Visiting Jinli is more than just sightseeing; it's a chance to connect with Chengdu's living heritage. The combination of old aesthetics with today's leisure makes it suitable for those interested in history and everyday explorers alike. Travelers should be ready for crowds, especially on weekends, and be ready to negotiate in crowded marketplaces. Remember to try local dishes but be careful if you're not used to spicy food.

In summary, Jinli Ancient Street is a storied avenue that welcomes you into the essence of Sichuan culture. It's a place where history is not just seen but felt, a destination where every step brings you closer to the rich history of Chengdu's past and present.

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