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Kykkos Monastery, founded in the 11th century in Cyprus' Troodos Mountains, houses a revered icon of the Virgin Mary and features lush forests and hiking trails nearby.

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Nestled in the Troodos Mountains, Kykkos is a significant monastery known for its opulent icon of the Virgin Mary, believed to be painted by Saint Luke. Founded in the 11th century by Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos, it stands as a prominent religious and cultural site in Cyprus. The surrounding area offers a serene landscape with lush forests and hiking trails, making it a key destination for both spirituality and nature enthusiasts.

The main attraction is the icon of the Virgin Mary, adorned with jewels and gold, attracting countless pilgrims each year. Walk through the monastery’s museum to explore artifacts that span its long history, including rare manuscripts, vestments, and other ecclesiastical items.

Local Food Specialties

While visiting Kykkos, make sure to try local Cypriot dishes. Nearby villages offer traditional tavernas where you can enjoy dishes like souvlaki, halloumi cheese, and loukoumades (honey-soaked pastries). Pair your meal with zivania, a local alcoholic beverage distilled from grape pomace.

Unique Customs and Traditions

The monastery hosts several religious festivals throughout the year. One standout event is the feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary in August. The rituals and processions provide insights into local religious customs and the strong cultural ties that the community maintains.

Attractions in and Around Kykkos

After exploring the monastery, venture into the surrounding Troodos Mountains, which offer hiking trails with panoramic views. Nearby, you can visit the Throni Hill where Archbishop Makarios III, the first president of Cyprus, is buried. The climb to the top offers not only a historical perspective but also expansive vistas of the natural landscape.

Affordability and Safety for Travelers

Kykkos is a relatively affordable destination compared to larger Cypriot cities. Public transport and local eateries are budget-friendly. The area is also known for its safety, making it a comfortable environment for solo travelers and families alike.

Natural Surroundings and Landscapes

The lush forests and trails that envelop Kykkos make it an ideal spot for outdoor activities. Hike through ancient Byzantine trails that wind through the Troodos range or take a leisurely drive to Mount Olympus for more challenging treks. The tranquil environment offers a peaceful backdrop for those looking to connect with nature.

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