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ARoS in Aarhus offers classic Danish art, modern pieces, and the distinctive Your rainbow panorama.

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Make your way to the center of Aarhus to ARoS, one of the biggest art museums in Northern Europe, where art spans time. The museum's standout feature, Your rainbow panorama by Olafur Eliasson, sits atop the building and provides a full-circle view of the city through colored glass.

Founded in 1859, ARoS showcases visual arts with a collection that includes works from the Danish Golden Age to present-day pieces. Its design is notable, with circular routes leading to various exhibits and installations.

Inside, the nine-story building contains galleries with a wide mix of Danish and international art. Exhibitions, both ongoing and temporary, are carefully put together to encourage discussion and thought. The main feature, the Your rainbow panorama, is a work of art that changes how visitors see the nearby city.

Art fans will discover famous names in art history as well as new artists. The museum provides educational programs and interactive spots that draw in guests of all ages.

The museum café offers a space to unwind with views of Aarhus, and the shop has a variety of art-related products.

ARoS is accessible, with amenities for all guests, including those with disabilities. With an area of about 17,000 square meters, ARoS gives a day filled with discovery and insight, connecting with both classical art and modern creations.

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