Historical Hill in Tallinn

Toompea Hill

Explore Toompea Hill for Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Estonian Parliament and panoramic views from Kohtuotsa and Patkuli.

Toompea Hill stands as a distinguished plateau in the heart of Estonia's capital, Tallinn. It's the site where the city's foundation was laid and where the grand Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Estonian Parliament are located today. This limestone hill, enveloped by the cobbled streets and medieval architecture of the Old Town, offers a view into Estonia's past and presents striking panoramic views of the city. Visitors can explore the Toompea Castle, walk along its ancient walls, and enjoy the historic ambiance that pervades this elevated district.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

As you amble around Toompea Hill, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an architectural highlight not to be missed. This orthodox cathedral, with its onion-domed roof and intricate mosaics, stands out among Tallinn's skyline. It was built in the early 20th century when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire and serves as a reminder of the nation’s historical ties with its eastern neighbor.

Estonian Parliament

Located within the Toompea Castle complex, the Estonian Parliament, or Riigikogu, exemplifies political continuity and the significance of Toompea Hill as a center of government. Visitors interested in political history and current affairs can often join guided tours that offer insights into Estonia's legislative processes and the beautifully restored meeting rooms where pivotal decisions are made.

Viewpoints: Kohtuotsa and Patkuli

Toompea Hill is known for its sweeping views of Tallinn from various vantage points. Two noteworthy spots are Kohtuotsa and Patkuli viewing platforms. Kohtuotsa offers a grand view over the red-tiled roofs of the Old Town, contrasted with the modern cityscape in the distance, while Patkuli provides a broad view of Tallinn's medieval fortifications and the port. Both are excellent spots for photography and to take in the city from an elevated perspective.

Walking Tours

Engage with Toompea Hill's history more intimately by partaking in a walking tour. These tours give visitors a thorough understanding of the hill's past, from tales of knights and nobility to stories of sieges and sovereignty. Expert guides can point out lesser-known features of the landscape and architecture, such as hidden symbols carved into buildings or the significance of St. Mary's Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century.

St. Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral, also known as the Dome Church, is Tallinn's oldest church and a testament to the city's religious history. Its interior houses an extensive collection of coats of arms and funerary monuments, offering a glimpse into the social hierarchy of Estonia's past aristocracy. The cathedral is open to visitors who wish to explore its historic artwork and serene ambiance.

Dining in Toompea

After exploring Toompea Hill, enjoy some traditional Estonian cuisine at nearby restaurants that emphasize local ingredients and recipes. Estonian culinary experiences range from hearty peasant fare to sophisticated modern dishes. Restaurants close to Toompea Hill cater to a variety of tastes and provide an opportunity to sample local flavors like black rye bread or smoked fish.

Safety and Etiquette

Toompea Hill is a safe area for tourists to explore, though visitors should always exercise standard precautions such as securing personal belongings. When interacting with locals, politeness and respect are appreciated. While Estonians may come across as reserved at first, they are generally warm and helpful when engaged in conversation.


Getting to Toompea Hill is straightforward due to its central location in Tallinn. The area is well-serviced by public transportation, including buses and trams. For those who prefer walking, Toompea Hill is accessible by foot from most parts of Tallinn's Old Town—just prepare for a slight incline as you approach the hilltop.

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