Aquarium in Majorca

Palma Aquarium

Discover over 700 marine species and immersive activities like diving with rays at Palma Aquarium in Mallorca, Spain.

Palma Aquarium, located on the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain, is an expansive marine park that showcases the biodiversity of the world's oceans. With more than 55 tanks displaying a wide variety of marine life, its most prominent features include the Big Blue, one of Europe's deepest shark tanks, and the Mediterranean Gardens with a focus on local sea life. The aquarium also offers immersive experiences such as shark sleepovers and diving with rays, making it a noteworthy destination for both education and entertainment.

Marine Life Exhibits

Palma Aquarium is a window to a fascinating underwater world, housing more than 700 species in conditions closely mimicking their natural habitats. Among the various zones, the Mediterranean Sea exhibit acquaints visitors with local marine life, while the Jungle area recreates a tropical rainforest environment complete with piranhas and a snapping turtle. The famed Big Blue tank, simulating the open ocean, allows you to observe sand tiger sharks and schools of fish from an impressive underwater tunnel.

Educational Programs and Conservation Efforts

Education is at the forefront of Palma Aquarium's mission. The aquarium runs multiple initiatives like Aqualand, offering children interactive workshops and games to teach them about marine biology and the importance of ocean conservation. The Marine Conservation Center is dedicated to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea and its species, providing insights into current research and preservation efforts.

Interactive Experiences and Activities

For those seeking an interactive encounter, Palma Aquarium offers activities such as swimming with rays and feeding turtles. The Shark Vision Boat provides a unique perspective on the majestic predators of the deep, with a transparent bottom boat gliding over the Big Blue. For a night to remember, consider participating in the Shark Sleepover, where you can spend the night surrounded by the silent swoop of sharks in the tank overhead.

The Big Blue - Largest Tank in the Aquarium

The Big Blue stands as one of Palma Aquarium's highlights. It is one of the largest shark tanks in Europe, holding 3.5 million liters of saltwater and reaching depths of 8.5 meters. Here, you can marvel at the fluid ballet of sharks and other pelagic species without exaggeration or hyperbole, just the simple awe inspired by nature.

Mediterranean Gardens

The Mediterranean Gardens offer a tranquil escape with lush surroundings, koi ponds, and olive trees alongside displays of vibrant local sea life. This area reflects the characteristic flora of Mallorca and is an ideal spot for a moment of relaxation between visits to the various exhibitions.

Themed Zones and Habitats

From tropical to temperate, Palma Aquarium's themed zones such as the Mediterranean Exhibits and Tropical Seas include accurately recreated habitats that provide homes for species ranging from seahorses to sea turtles. Special habitats like Jellyfish Kingdom mesmerize with their translucent, floating inhabitants.

Accessibility and Facilities for Visitors

Ensuring a comfortable visit, Palma Aquarium offers wheelchair accessibility throughout its exhibits. There are also several amenity areas including a café, picnic spots, and a play area for children. Information regarding accessibility, facilities, ticket prices, and opening hours is readily available at the information desk and online.

Ticket Prices and Value for Money

The aquarium's admission fees are set with value in mind, providing access to all exhibits, with discounts available for children, families, and groups. Frequent visitors can also avail themselves of annual passes offering unlimited entry, which are particularly cost-effective.

Location and Transport Options to the Aquarium

Situated close to Palma de Mallorca Airport, Palma Aquarium is easily accessible by public transport, car, or bike. The availability of a spacious parking area simplifies visits for those driving. Detailed directions and transport options are obtainable from the aquarium's official website or local travel centers.

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