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Visit Shakespeare's Globe in London for live plays and tours exploring the theater's design and Shakespeare's stagecraft.

Shakespeare's Globe in London is a faithful reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre where many of Shakespeare's plays were first performed. Situated on the banks of the River Thames, this open-air playhouse not only hosts performances of classic Shakespearean dramas but also serves as an educational hub with exhibitions on Elizabethan stagecraft. Visitors can enjoy theater productions in a historically inspired setting or take guided tours that provide insights into the playhouse's construction and the staging of plays during Shakespeare's time.

Live Performances and the Theater Experience

Shakespeare's Globe is renowned for its live performances, which are held during the theater season from April to October. Visitors can witness Shakespeare's plays performed in a setting similar to that experienced by audiences over 400 years ago. The authentic design of the theater, with its open-air yard and circular stage, creates an interactive atmosphere where viewers can choose to be seated or stand as 'groundlings', just as people did in the Elizabethan era. For the most engaging experience, attend a performance to see actors and musicians bring Shakespeare’s words to life.

Guided Tours of the Theater

For those interested in the architectural history and cultural significance of the Globe, guided tours are available year-round. These tours delve into the construction of the current Globe, modeled after the original 1599 design, and highlight the research and craftsmanship that informed its reconstruction. Tour guides provide background on the performances and practices of Shakespearean theater, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the historical context in which Shakespeare’s work was originally produced and consumed.

Educational Workshops and Exhibitions

The Globe offers a range of educational workshops and exhibitions aimed at both students and adult learners. These sessions provide insights into Elizabethan costumes, stage combat, and the language of Shakespeare. Additionally, the theater houses an exhibition space with interactive displays that detail the life of Shakespeare, the London in which he lived, and the theatrical world he inhabited. It's an opportunity to extend your knowledge beyond the stage and immerse yourself in the period.

The History of the Original Globe Theatre

The importance of the original Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare's plays were first brought to life, cannot be overstated. While visiting Shakespeare's Globe, one can learn about this important cultural landmark’s history and influence. The original theater was destroyed by fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614, and then demolished in 1644. The current Globe stands as a testament to Shakespeare's enduring legacy and offers visitors a tangible connection to theatrical history.

The Globe's Role in London's Cultural Scene

Shakespeare's Globe is not just a relic of the past; it plays an active role in London's vibrant cultural landscape. The theater includes the indoor Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, which hosts performances by candlelight during the winter months, offering audiences a different but equally captivating theater-going experience. Throughout the year, various special performances and events take place, including concerts, dance performances, and lectures that contribute to London's diverse cultural offerings.

Accessibility and Facilities for Visitors

The Globe is committed to making its performances and facilities accessible to all visitors. There are services provided for those with disabilities, including wheelchair spaces in both theaters and hearing assistance devices. The onsite restaurant and bar serve food and drinks that can be enjoyed before or after performances, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

The Surrounding Area and Its Connection to Shakespeare

Situated along the South Bank of the Thames, the area surrounding the Globe has much to offer. Visitors can explore the local sights such as the Tate Modern art gallery or take a stroll across Millennium Bridge for stunning views of St. Paul's Cathedral. Nearby are also locations with strong connections to Shakespeare’s life, like Southwark Cathedral where his brother is buried, offering a fuller picture of the era that shaped his works.

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