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Tower of London

Explore the Tower of London's history, view the Crown Jewels, and discover royal armor in this iconic British fortress on the River Thames.

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The Tower of London is a historic fortress and former royal palace that has stood on the north bank of the River Thames for nearly a millennium. Home to the Crown Jewels, the iconic Beefeaters, and a history rich with royal intrigue, imprisonment, and execution, it offers a window into the United Kingdom's turbulent past. Visitors can explore various towers, view the armor of past kings in the White Tower, and ponder the Tower's role as a secure fortress, royal palace, and infamous prison.

The Crown Jewels

One of the primary attractions at the Tower of London is the spectacular display of the Crown Jewels, which visitors can find in the Jewel House. Serving as symbols of the British monarchy, these regalia pieces are used by the Queen during the coronation ceremony and other official events. They include crowns, scepters, orbs, and swords, each piece with its own history and significance. The collection is renowned for its breathtaking gemstones, including the Cullinan Diamond in the Sovereign's Scepter and the Koh-i-Noor diamond set in the crown of the late Queen Mother.

Yeoman Warders and Raven Myth

The Tower is also famous for its Yeoman Warders, often called Beefeaters, who guard the fortress and serve as tour guides. These individuals are easily recognized by their distinctive uniforms and possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the Tower's history. Stories shared by the Yeoman Warders often include references to the tower's resident ravens. Legend has it that if the ravens ever leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall. As such, these birds are well cared for, and their lodgings can be observed on the grounds.

The White Tower and Medieval Royal Armory

The White Tower stands as a testament to Norman military architecture and once served as a dominant symbol of royal power. Today, it houses an impressive display of arms and armors in the Royal Armories collection. As you walk through, you'll see armor worn by historical figures such as King Henry VIII, along with an extensive array of weapons from various periods in British military history.

Prison Towers and Execution Sites

Exploring further, you can find the Beauchamp Tower, where prisoners, once held captive, left behind etchings and graffiti on its walls. These markings offer a rare and personal glimpse into their thoughts and experiences. Another somber site is the Tower Green, a location known for being the execution site of notable figures like Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

Royal Mint

For those interested in the Tower's economic history, the Royal Mint exhibition within reveals its role in coin production for over 500 years. It shares stories of Isaac Newton's time as Warden of the Mint and artifacts from various periods that showcase how currency was made and protected.

Accessibility and Visitor Facilities

The Tower strives to accommodate visitors with diverse needs. Many of its attractions are accessible to those with mobility issues, although some towers may have limitations due to their historical architecture. Visitor facilities include restrooms, eateries, and gift shops throughout to enhance your experience at this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Guided Tours and Educational Experiences

For a deeper understanding of the Tower's history, guided tours led by knowledgeable Beefeaters are highly recommended. These tours not only enrich visitors' knowledge but often entertain with tales of intrigue and suspense from the Tower's past. Additionally, educational programs available on-site provide intriguing insights for all ages into England's heritage.

Visiting these attractions provides a comprehensive view of why the Tower of London remains one of the most significant historical sites in the United Kingdom.

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