River Esk, Whitby | Whitby in United Kingdom
Whitby and the River Esk | Whitby in United Kingdom
Examples of artwork on a variety of subjects and in a variety of styles by Francis Elizabeth Wynne from a sketchbook (ca. 420 drawings): mixed media, including watercolour, wash and, pen and ink. | Whitby in United Kingdom
en:Whitby Abbey from across the pond | Whitby in United Kingdom
Whitby harbour from the East Cliff | Whitby in United Kingdom
The Bombardment of Whitby, 16 December 1914, by William Scott HodgsonPannett Art Gallery
Medium oil on canvas
Measurements H 75.1 x W 125.9 cm
Accession number 116 | Whitby in United Kingdom
The Esk has been crossed at this point since at least 1351 when Edward III granted authority to collect tolls to maintain the bridge. The current swing bridge was built in 1908. It links the upper and lower harbour areas and the east and west sides of the town. The bridge opens on the hour and half hour on request and is manned for two hours either side of high water. It is for pedestrians and vehicles | Whitby in United Kingdom
Captain Cook statue and the Royal Crescent | Whitby in United Kingdom
Whitby bus station, Yorkshire | Whitby in United Kingdom
Old town hall | Whitby in United Kingdom
Town in 🇬🇧 United Kingdom.

Whitby is a picturesque town on the northeast coast of England, in the county of Yorkshire. The town is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its stunning location on the North Sea, as well as its interesting history and architecture. Whitby Abbey, a ruined monastery overlooking the town, is a major tourist attraction, as is the Whitby Museum, which contains exhibits on the town's maritime history. There are also a number of art galleries and shops in Whitby, as well as a busy port and a number of excellent pubs and restaurants.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Whitby.