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The world of television has opened up new vistas for global travelers, and the hit series "Killing Eve" is no exception. While the series may be better known for its plot twists and character developments, its choice of filming locations adds a distinct depth to the content. The drama unfolds in an impressive total of seven countries and thirteen cities, with each location playing a unique role in the narrative.


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London, the capital of England, has been a focal point in the Killing Eve series. This city, with its storied streets and iconic landmarks, provides an apt setting for the cat-and-mouse game between Eve Polastri and Villanelle.

Among the memorable scenes, the Royal Albert Hall stands out, with its imposing red brick facade and distinctive dome. This historic concert venue in South Kensington is a testament to London's rich cultural heritage. Similarly, the Barbican Estate in Central London, with its brutalist architecture, adds an urban edge to the series.

A city with an extensive network of public transportation, London's tube stations also feature prominently in Killing Eve. The St Pancras International Station, one of the most well-known transport hubs, has served as a dramatic backdrop for several pivotal scenes.

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