Wildlife Observation Area in Gibraltar

Apes' Den

Observe Gibraltar's Barbary macaques in their natural setting at Apes' Den within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

Apes' Den in Gibraltar is a unique wildlife observation area where visitors can observe and interact with the famous Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population on the European continent. Located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, this site provides an opportunity to learn about the monkeys' behavior in a natural setting, while the surrounding limestone cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation offer a scenic backdrop. The area is accessible by cable car, road, or footpath, making it a convenient stop for nature enthusiasts and families alike.

Barbary Macaque Interaction and Observation

At the heart of Apes' Den, you can experience the unique charm of the Barbary macaques. These tailless monkeys are a part of Gibraltar's identity and are often seen leisurely roaming around or playfully interacting with their families. When visiting, it's important to observe the guidelines provided by on-site staff to ensure a safe and respectful encounter with these animals. Feeding the monkeys is strictly prohibited as it can harm their health and alter their natural behavior.

Guided Tours and Educational Talks

For a more thorough understanding of the Barbary macaques, consider joining a guided tour or attending an educational talk often conducted at Apes' Den. These talks provide insight into the monkeys' social structures, dietary habits, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them. Tour guides may share stories about individual monkeys, which add a personal touch to your visit.

Nearby Historical Sites and Military Installations

Aside from the Apes' Den, the Upper Rock Nature Reserve is dotted with various historical sites and old military installations. Among them is the Great Siege Tunnels, a remarkable feat of military engineering. These tunnels give historical context to Gibraltar's strategic importance through the ages and are a short walk from the observation area.

Hiking Trails and Natural Landscape

For those inclined to explore Gibraltar’s natural beauty beyond Apes' Den, several hiking trails offer different perspectives of the Rock and panoramic views of the surrounding area. Mediterranean Steps is a well-known trail that rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas of the coastline and the opportunity to spot local flora and fauna.

Visitor Facilities and Amenities

Within Apes’ Den, visitor facilities make your stay comfortable. There are rest areas where you can take a break and reflect on your experience with the macaques. Public restrooms and kiosks selling refreshments are also available, ensuring your basic needs are met during your visit.

Photography Opportunities

Photographers will find Apes’ Den a delight with opportunities to capture candid shots of the macaques’ antics against scenic backdrops. The naturally lit environment allows for vibrant photos throughout the day, but remember to keep a safe distance from the monkeys and respect their space.

Conservation Efforts and Animal Welfare

As you interact with these primates, you'll also become aware of the conservation work that goes into preserving their habitat and well-being. The Gibraltar authorities have implemented measures to maintain a sustainable environment for the macaques, and your visit contributes to these efforts.

Accessibility and Transportation Options

Getting to Apes’ Den is straightforward. If you're not up for a hike, you can reach it by taking the cable car from the base station in Grand Parade, which offers an added aerial view of Gibraltar. Alternatively, taxis and tour buses can transport you to the site if you prefer not to walk. For those who choose to ascend on foot, signposted paths guide you to Apes’ Den from different parts of Gibraltar, providing an invigorating way to immerse in the locale's charm.

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