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Museum of Broken Relationships

Explore personal relics of past relationships and their stories at Zagreb's Museum of Broken Relationships.

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb offers a unique window into the solemn side of human connections through its display of personal artifacts from failed relationships worldwide. Each item is accompanied by a personal, anonymized story, giving insight into the profound emotions behind love and loss. The museum's concept, innovative and therapeutic, has resonated globally, resulting in a growing collection that travels as an international exhibition.

The Emotional Journey through Exhibits

The Museum of Broken Relationships goes beyond traditional museum concepts by offering a profound emotional journey. Visitors traverse through diverse exhibits, each telling a story of loss, be it poignant, humorous, or cathartic. The range of displayed items is vast, from love letters and wedding dresses to seemingly mundane objects like a toaster—all have in common the emotional weight they carry for the donors. The anonymity of the stories adds a universal quality, allowing visitors to see their heartbreaks reflected in others' experiences. The therapeutic aspect of the museum lies in this shared vulnerability, which can be both a comforting and a healing experience for visitors.

Visitor Participation and Personal Contributions

An interesting facet of the museum is its ongoing invitation for visitors to contribute to the collection. Those who wish to share their stories of heartache can donate items of personal significance tied to their own broken relationships. This process not only enriches the museum's collection but also provides individuals a form of closure. Information on how to contribute is available at the reception, where staffers encourage visitors to become a part of this collective history of human emotion.

Museum Layout and Design

The museum's interior mirrors the theme of collective and private memories, organizing space to facilitate introspection and contemplation. The design is minimalist, ensuring that the focus remains on the exhibits and their narratives. Visitors will find themselves moving from one display to another in a thoughtful silence, often reflecting as much on their interpersonal connections as on those represented by the items on show.

Location and Accessibility

Located in Zagreb's Upper Town, in close proximity to St. Mark's Church and Lotrščak Tower, the Museum of Broken Relationships is easily accessible for visitors exploring the city's historic core. The museum operates with visitor-friendly hours, usually opening from 9 am to 10:30 pm during summer months, with slightly shorter hours in winter, ensuring ample opportunity for both daytime and evening visits.

Special Events and Temporary Exhibitions

To keep its content dynamic, the museum hosts special events and rotating temporary exhibitions that delve deeper into specific themes or showcase related works from artists and storytellers. These events are announced on the museum's official website and social media channels, providing updated information for those interested in attending.

The Museum Shop

Before departing, visitors have the opportunity to browse the museum shop, which offers a selection of unique souvenirs that embody the spirit of the museum. From books that compile some of the most touching stories from the collection to creative memorabilia, visitors can take home a piece of this collective emotional journey.

Dining and Nearby Attractions

Following a visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships, guests can further explore Zagreb's Upper Town, an area replete with charming cafes and restaurants ideal for reflecting on the museum experience over local cuisine. Additionally, nearby attractions such as the Zagreb City Museum and Strossmayer Promenade provide further cultural enrichment within walking distance.

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