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This article provides a guide to some of Canada's most breathtaking national parks, highlighting why these destinations are must-visits for both adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.

Seasons to Visit:

Each park offers different experiences depending on the season. In places like Banff and Jasper, winter transforms the landscape into a snowy paradise, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Summer, on the other hand, opens up miles of hiking trails and opportunities for wildlife watching. Parks like Pacific Rim offer milder climates, ideal for year-round visits, including whale watching between March and October.

Getting There and Around:

Access to these parks varies, with some like Banff and Jasper being easily reachable by car or public transport from major cities. Others, like Auyuittuq in Nunavut, present more of a challenge, requiring careful planning and sometimes chartered flights. Once in the parks, options like hiking, cycling, and in some cases, driving, allow visitors to explore the vast landscapes. See how these national parks are located on our map.

Good to Know:

When planning a trip to these natural havens, it's important to respect the wildlife and natural habitats. Always keep a safe distance from animals and stick to designated trails to preserve the ecological integrity of these areas. Additionally, visitors should be prepared for changing weather conditions and should always check park regulations and guidelines, especially in more remote areas like Auyuittuq or Gros Morne.

From the awe-inspiring heights of the Rocky Mountains to the tidal wonders of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, each park in this list not only offers a glimpse into Canada's diverse ecosystems but also provides a range of activities to suit all interests. Whether it's hiking, skiing, wildlife watching, or simply enjoying the stunning views, these national parks promise unforgettable experiences. Let's delve into what makes each of these parks a jewel in Canada's natural crown. Want more? Also read about the most beautiful parks in the world!

Banff National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

Banff National Park, often called 'The Jewel of the Rockies', is a spectacular destination in Alberta, Canada. This park is famous for its stunning scenery, with huge mountains, deep blue lakes, and vast forests. It's a big hit with travelers who love outdoor activities and those who just want to see some amazing natural sights.

One of the main reasons people visit Banff is to enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking is very popular here, with trails for all levels, from easy walks to challenging mountain treks. The park has some of the most beautiful trails in Canada, like the one to Johnston Canyon, which is easy and offers great views of waterfalls. In winter, Banff turns into a wonderland for skiing and snowboarding, with three large ski resorts that attract visitors from all over the world.

Banff is also home to some incredible wildlife. It's not unusual to see deer, elk, and even bears, making it an exciting place for wildlife enthusiasts. Just remember to keep a safe distance and respect their natural habitat!

Another big draw is the town of Banff itself. It's a lovely, small town with lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels. The town is easy to walk around and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. It’s perfect for those who like a bit of comfort and civilization after a day in the wild.

What really sets Banff apart, though, is its breathtaking scenery. Lake Louise is a must-see, with its vibrant blue water and mountain backdrop. It's one of the most photographed places in Canada for a good reason! Another unique spot is the Banff Upper Hot Springs, where you can relax in natural hot water while enjoying an incredible mountain view.

In summary, Banff National Park is a top destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those who appreciate beautiful landscapes. Its mix of outdoor activities, wildlife, cozy town, and stunning natural beauty make it a place you really should visit if you get the chance.

Explore Banff National Park

Yoho National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

Yoho National Park in British Columbia is where adventure meets natural wonders. This park, smaller than some of its neighbors, packs a punch with its impressive landscapes and outdoor activities. It’s a go-to destination for those who love nature and want to explore the Canadian Rockies.

One of the main attractions in Yoho is hiking. The park has trails for everyone, from short, easy walks to challenging hikes up the mountains. One of the most popular trails leads to Emerald Lake – a stunning, vivid blue lake surrounded by mountains. For those who enjoy a good challenge, the Iceline Trail offers breathtaking views and takes you past glaciers.

Another big reason people visit Yoho is for its waterfalls. Takakkaw Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada, is a must-see. The water crashes down from a high cliff, making it a powerful and impressive sight. It’s easily accessible, too, making it perfect for a quick visit.

Yoho is also rich in history. It’s home to the Burgess Shale, a famous fossil site that’s over 500 million years old. You can join guided hikes to learn about the ancient creatures that lived here long ago, making it a fascinating trip for anyone interested in earth’s history.

In winter, Yoho transforms into a snowy playground. While it’s quieter than in summer, it’s still a great place for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The snow-covered mountains and forests create a beautiful winter landscape.

What makes Yoho unique is its mix of stunning scenery and accessibility. The park lets you experience the beauty of the Canadian Rockies without the big crowds you might find in other parks. It offers a more peaceful experience but still has plenty of things to see and do.

In summary, Yoho National Park is a destination for those who love the outdoors and want to see some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. With its hiking trails, waterfalls, fossils, and winter sports, it’s a park that has something for everyone, all year round.

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Jasper National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

Jasper National Park in Alberta is a place where nature shows off. It's big, wild, and full of adventures. It's a spot where you can see mountains, forests, and animals in their natural home. People come here to get away from busy city life and to enjoy the outdoors.

One of the top reasons to visit Jasper is for the hiking. There are trails for everyone, from short walks to long hikes in the mountains. You can see beautiful lakes, rivers, and waterfalls along the way. For those who love a challenge, there's even the chance to hike up mountains for some amazing views.

Winter in Jasper is just as exciting. It's a great place for skiing and snowboarding, with lots of snow and big slopes. If you're not into skiing, you can try ice skating or snowshoeing, which is like hiking but on top of the snow.

Wildlife is a big part of Jasper National Park. It's home to animals like elk, deer, and bears. If you're lucky, you might even see a moose! It's important to remember that these are wild animals, so you should watch them from a distance.

Jasper is also famous for its dark skies. At night, the sky is full of stars, and it's one of the best places in Canada to see the Northern Lights. It's a really special experience to see the sky light up with colors.

The town of Jasper is small but has everything you need. There are shops, restaurants, and places to stay. It's a friendly town, and a good place to relax after a day outside.

What makes Jasper unique is its mix of wild nature and fun things to do. Whether you're hiking, skiing, or just enjoying the views, there's always something to do. Jasper National Park is a place where you can see Canada's natural beauty up close and have a great time doing it.

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Auyuittuq National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canada

Auyuittuq National Park, located in Nunavut, is a place of raw, untouched wilderness. It's a park for those who seek adventure in one of the most remote and rugged areas of Canada. Known for its Arctic landscape, this park offers a unique experience far from the usual tourist trails.

The main reason people visit Auyuittuq is for the hiking and trekking. The park features challenging trails that take you through some of Canada's most extreme terrain. The Akshayuk Pass, a popular route, offers a glimpse into the vast, open landscapes of the Arctic. Hikers here need to be experienced and well-prepared, as the conditions can be tough.

Mountaineering is another big draw. The park is home to Mount Thor, which has the world's tallest vertical drop. It's a magnet for experienced climbers from around the globe. Even if you're not climbing, just seeing these giant mountains is an incredible experience.

What sets Auyuittuq apart is its Arctic environment. The park is home to glaciers, ice fields, and unique Arctic wildlife. You might see animals like Arctic foxes, caribou, and maybe even a polar bear from a safe distance. Remember, this is a wild and natural place, so seeing these animals is not guaranteed.

The midnight sun is another unique aspect of Auyuittuq. In the summer months, the sun doesn't set for days or weeks at a time. This means you have more time to explore and experience the park's beauty.

Visiting Auyuittuq is not for everyone. The weather can be unpredictable, and the facilities are basic. But for those who are up for it, the park offers an unforgettable adventure. You’ll need to plan your trip carefully and respect the harsh but beautiful Arctic environment.

In summary, Auyuittuq National Park is for adventurers who want to experience the wild Arctic. It offers challenging hikes, mountaineering, and a chance to see a part of the world that few people ever get to. If you're looking for a real adventure, Auyuittuq could be the perfect place.

Explore Auyuittuq National Park

Riding Mountain National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba is like a piece of wilderness tucked away in the prairies. It's a place where forests, grasslands, and lakes come together, creating a diverse landscape. This park is perfect for those who love nature and outdoor activities, offering something different from the usual mountain parks.

One of the main reasons people visit Riding Mountain is for the wildlife. The park is home to a variety of animals like moose, elk, and black bears. It's a great place for wildlife watching, especially around dawn and dusk when animals are most active. Remember to keep a safe distance though – these are wild animals!

Hiking is another popular activity here. The park has over 400 kilometers of trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes. The Gorge Creek Trail is a favorite, taking you through different types of landscapes, like forests and valleys. For those who like to explore on two wheels, the park also offers great mountain biking trails.

Riding Mountain is also known for its clear lakes and beaches. Clear Lake is the biggest in the park and a perfect spot for swimming, boating, and fishing. The water is clean and refreshing, ideal for hot summer days.

What makes Riding Mountain unique is its blend of different landscapes. You have the forested hills, which are unusual in the prairie-dominated province of Manitoba. Then there are the grasslands, filled with wildflowers and birds. And of course, the lakes add a beautiful touch to the scenery.

The townsite of Wasagaming, located inside the park, is another highlight. It's a quaint little town with shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater. It’s a cozy place to stay or visit after a day of exploring the park.

In summary, Riding Mountain National Park offers a mix of wildlife, hiking, biking, and water activities. Its diverse landscape provides a unique experience in the heart of Manitoba. Whether you’re into watching wildlife, hitting the trails, or just enjoying the lake, Riding Mountain has something for everyone.

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Prince Edward Island National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canada

Prince Edward Island National Park, situated in Canada's smallest province, is a coastal wonder. It's a place where visitors come to see stunning beaches, red sandstone cliffs, and rolling dunes. This park is perfect for those who love the sea and want to explore a unique part of Canada.

The beaches are the main attraction here. They stretch for miles with soft sand, perfect for long walks, sunbathing, or just playing in the waves. The warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence make swimming enjoyable, especially in the summer. Whether you're looking for a quiet spot to relax or a place for fun beach activities, there's a beach for everyone here.

Another reason people visit is for the Green Gables Heritage Place. This site is famous because of the book "Anne of Green Gables." Fans of the story come from all over the world to see the house and the landscapes that inspired the beloved novel. It’s a real treat for book lovers and offers a glimpse into Canada’s literary history.

Hiking and biking are popular in the park too. There are several trails, both easy and challenging, that take you through varied landscapes. You can explore the dunes, wetlands, and forests, all in one park. These trails are great for seeing the local wildlife and plants.

What makes this park unique is its red sandstone cliffs and dunes. The red color comes from iron oxide in the stone, and it creates a striking contrast with the green fields and blue sea. The dunes are fragile ecosystems, home to rare plants and animals, and they offer some beautiful scenery.

The park also offers opportunities for bird watching, as it's a key spot for migratory birds. Bird enthusiasts can spot various species, especially during the migration seasons in spring and fall.

In summary, Prince Edward Island National Park is a blend of beautiful beaches, literary history, and unique landscapes. It’s a place where you can enjoy the sea, learn about a classic Canadian novel, and explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re a beach lover, a book fan, or just enjoy nature, this park has something special to offer.

Explore Prince Edward Island National Park

Kootenay National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canada

Kootenay National Park, located in British Columbia, is a place full of contrasts and natural wonders. It's a park that might not be as famous as some others in Canada, but it offers a range of landscapes and activities that can satisfy any nature lover or adventure seeker.

One of the top reasons people visit Kootenay is for its diverse hiking trails. Whether you're looking for an easy walk or a challenging trek, this park has it all. A popular trail is the Marble Canyon, a short and easy hike that takes you through a narrow, dramatic canyon with a rushing river below. For those seeking a more challenging adventure, the Rockwall Trail is a multi-day hike with stunning views of towering cliffs.

Another big draw of Kootenay is the Radium Hot Springs. These natural mineral pools are a perfect way to relax after a day of hiking. The warm waters are soothing, and the surrounding mountain scenery adds to the experience.

Kootenay is also unique in its ecological diversity. The park spans from glacier-clad peaks to semi-arid grasslands, offering a variety of habitats for plants and wildlife. This range of ecosystems means you can see many animals, from mountain goats and bighorn sheep to black bears and elk. Remember always to view wildlife from a safe distance.

The park’s history is another point of interest. The Kootenay Valley has a rich cultural heritage, with indigenous peoples having lived in the area for thousands of years. There are several spots in the park where you can learn about the local history and culture.

What makes Kootenay National Park stand out is its combination of natural beauty and accessibility. The park is less crowded than its more famous neighbors, offering a more peaceful experience of the Canadian Rockies. Whether you’re into hiking, wildlife watching, or just enjoying hot springs, Kootenay provides an authentic and varied outdoor experience.

In summary, Kootenay National Park is a destination for those who appreciate diverse landscapes and outdoor adventures. With its mix of trails, wildlife, hot springs, and cultural history, it’s a hidden gem in the Canadian Rockies waiting to be explored.

Explore Kootenay National Park

Fundy National Park of Canada

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

Fundy National Park, located in New Brunswick, is a park like no other. It's famous for having the highest tides in the world, which create a unique and ever-changing landscape. This park is perfect for those who love the ocean, nature, and exploring new and interesting places.

The tides are the main attraction in Fundy. The Bay of Fundy's tides can rise up to 12 meters, and watching the tide come in and out is a truly unique experience. When the tide is out, you can walk on the ocean floor and explore places that are underwater just a few hours later. It’s like two different worlds in one day!

Hiking is another popular activity in the park. There are over 25 trails, each offering its own view of the park’s diverse landscapes. Whether you're looking for an easy walk or a challenging hike, there’s a trail for you. The trails take you through forests, along coastlines, and even to waterfalls – Fundy has over 25 of them!

Fundy National Park is also a great place for camping. There are several campgrounds, some by the beach and others in the forest. Camping here lets you fully experience the park's natural beauty, from the sound of the waves to the sight of the stars at night.

What makes Fundy unique, besides its tides, is the variety of activities it offers. You can go kayaking, golfing, or even attend a workshop or guided tour. The park has something for everyone, whether you're an adventurer or just looking to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The park is also rich in wildlife. It's home to many species of birds, and if you're lucky, you might see moose or deer. Remember to keep a safe distance and respect the wildlife’s home.

In summary, Fundy National Park is a place of natural wonders. With its amazing tides, diverse trails, and variety of activities, it offers an unforgettable experience. It's a park that combines the beauty of the ocean with the charm of the forest and makes for a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Explore Fundy National Park of Canada

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

A National Park on the west coast

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia is a place where the wild ocean meets lush rainforests. It's known for its rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches. People visit here for the cool ocean air, big waves, and thick forests.

A big reason to come to Pacific Rim is for the beaches. They are long, with soft sand, and are great for walking or just hanging out. Surfers love this place because the waves are big and consistent. It's also a good spot to try surfing for the first time, with several schools offering lessons.

Hiking is another popular activity here. The park has many trails that take you through rainforests and along the coast. The most famous trail is the West Coast Trail, a challenging hike that's known all over the world. But there are easier trails too, for a more relaxed walk.

Whale watching is huge in Pacific Rim. Between March and October, you can see whales migrating along the coast. It's an amazing sight to see these huge creatures in the ocean. You can watch from the shore or take a boat tour for a closer look.

What's unique about Pacific Rim is its rainforests. These forests are full of big trees, green plants, and lots of wildlife. Walking in these forests feels like stepping into another world. They are cool, damp, and full of life.

The local culture is also a big part of Pacific Rim. The area is home to First Nations communities, and you can learn about their history and culture here. There are places to see traditional art and even some guided tours that teach about their way of life.

In summary, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is a place for people who love the ocean, beaches, and forests. It's a great place to experience Canada's wild west coast, whether you're surfing, hiking, or just enjoying the views. It's a park that offers both adventure and a chance to learn about the local culture.

Explore Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada

Gros Morne National Park

National park in🇨🇦 Canadarated

One of the National Parks on the east coast.

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador is a place of raw, natural beauty. It's known for its towering cliffs, deep fjords, and wide-open spaces. This park attracts people who are looking for adventure and want to see some of the most unique landscapes in Canada.

Hiking is a big reason why people visit Gros Morne. The park has trails that range from easy walks to challenging mountain hikes. The most famous hike is the Gros Morne Mountain trail, which takes you to the top of the second-highest peak in Newfoundland for some incredible views. For those who prefer a more relaxed walk, the Tablelands trail lets you walk on the earth's mantle, which is usually found deep under the ocean.

Boat tours are also popular in Gros Morne. These tours take you into the fjords, which are deep, narrow bays with high cliffs. The most famous fjord in the park is Western Brook Pond. A boat trip here feels like entering a different world, with huge cliffs rising straight up from the water.

What makes Gros Morne unique is its geology. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its complex earth history. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can see the effects of continental drift. The rocks and landscapes here tell a story that goes back billions of years.

Another special thing about Gros Morne is its wildlife. The park is home to moose, caribou, and many types of birds. It's a good place for wildlife watching, whether you're a serious birder or just enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat.

The local culture is also a big part of Gros Morne. The nearby small towns have a rich history of fishing and living off the land. You can learn about the way of life in Newfoundland and enjoy some local food and music.

In summary, Gros Morne National Park is a place for people who love nature and adventure. It offers challenging hikes, beautiful boat tours, and a chance to learn about the earth’s history. It's a park where you can experience the wild side of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Explore Gros Morne National Park

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