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Riding Mountain National Park

Wilderness, wildlife, and whispering pines await.

Explore diverse wildlife, over 400 km of trails, and lake activities at Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada.

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Riding Mountain National Park, situated in Manitoba, Canada, stands as a natural oasis amid the prairie landscape. The park is characterized by its diverse ecosystems, from the expansive aspen forests and rolling grasslands to numerous freshwater lakes. Notable features include the striking escarpment that gives way to the Clear Lake area, a haven for recreational activities. Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to spot moose, black bears, and a herd of bison living within the park's boundaries. Riding Mountain also serves as a cultural center for Indigenous peoples, with interpretative programs that share their histories and traditions.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

The diverse environments within Riding Mountain National Park are home to an array of wildlife, making it an ideal location for animal enthusiasts. The Lake Audy area offers a rare chance to observe a bison herd, an initiative that helps preserve this iconic species. Additionally, with patience and luck, visitors may encounter moose, black bears, elk, and over 260 bird species. For a structured wildlife experience, consider joining the guided tours provided by the park during the summer months.

Hiking and Trail Exploration

With more than 400 kilometers of trails, the park caters to all levels of hikers. For a day hike, the Gorge Creek Trail showcases the park's varied landscapes, while the more demanding Bald Hill Trail rewards adventurers with panoramic views. During winter, these trails transform into prime spots for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Camping Options and Facilities

From backcountry camping for those seeking solitude to well-equipped front-country sites, Riding Mountain National Park meets all camping preferences. Wasagaming Campground remains a favorite for its proximity to Clear Lake and amenities such as showers, fire pits, and electrical hookups. For a unique experience, try the Otentiks – a blend of a tent and rustic cabin – available at Moon Lake.

Lake Activities on Clear Lake

Clear Lake is the centerpiece for water-based activities in the park. Visitors can rent boats, paddleboards, and kayaks to explore the lake's calm waters. The Clear Lake Marina is also a point of interest for those looking to engage in fishing trips or simply enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Visitor Centre and Interpretive Programs

The Visitor Centre in Wasagaming should be your first stop to gather information on current events, trail conditions, and wildlife sightings. It's also the starting point for many of the interpretive programs that delve into the natural and Indigenous history of the park.

Indigenous Heritage and Cultural Significance

Riding Mountain National Park is located in an area of importance to several Indigenous communities. To appreciate this connection, attend the interpretive programs where you can learn about the local Anishinabe (Ojibwe) culture and traditions. During summer, don't miss the powwows – vibrant gatherings where dancing, music, and storytelling come to life.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

Seasonally, the park hosts various events that highlight its cultural and natural heritage. From Wasagaming Weekend in August with its blend of music, art, and food to winter festivals that embrace the chilly weather with ice-fishing derbies and snow sports, there is always something unique happening in the park.

Accessibility and Park Amenities

Riding Mountain National Park is accessible by car, with paved roads leading to major attractions and facilities. Wasagaming townsite also offers various services including dining establishments, grocery stores, and boutiques. The park strives to be accessible to everyone by providing wheelchair-accessible trails such as Ominnik Marsh.

Town of Wasagaming: Local Shops and Restaurants

Nestled at the heart of Riding Mountain National Park, Wasagaming is a charming resort town offering a variety of local shops and restaurants. It serves as a great pit stop for those who want to complement their outdoor experience with some leisurely shopping or a satisfying meal at one of the lakeside eateries.

Scenic Drives and Lookout Points

For those who prefer to take in the sights from the comfort of their vehicle, Highway 19 running through the park offers breathtaking views of the escarpment and mixed-grass prairie. Do not miss driving to Bald Hill viewpoint for an elevated perspective on the park's impressive topography.

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