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Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine: a calm Tokyo spot honoring Emperor Meiji, with peaceful gardens and Shinto ceremonies.

Amidst the modern rush of Tokyo, Meiji Shrine stands as a serene dedication to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, symbols of the Meiji Restoration. This Shinto shrine, surrounded by a forest of 100,000 trees, offers a quiet retreat from the city's relentless pace.

Established in 1920, Meiji Shrine is not only a religious site but also a cultural center where traditions live on. Upon entering through the towering torii gate, one of the largest in Japan, visitors are welcomed into a space where history and spirituality are closely connected. The large grounds invite quiet reflection, with walking paths that wind through the calm woods.

The shrine's architecture is a testament to simplicity and elegance, free of the elaborate decorations found in many religious structures. Instead, it displays an atmosphere of solemnity and respect appropriate for the deities it honors. Traditional ceremonies are often held, providing a look into the spiritual practices that have shaped Japan.

Visitors can also visit the treasure house, which displays many personal items of the emperor and empress, giving insight into their lives and the period they led. Another noteworthy feature is the Inner Garden, a space that charges a small fee for entrance. Covering 83,000 square meters (nearly 20 acres), this garden is home to a teahouse and the famous iris garden that blooms in June.

Throughout the year, Meiji Shrine is the location for various festivals and events, including the well-attended New Year's Day prayers. It's also a favored spot for traditional Shinto weddings; on weekends, you might see a procession marked by ancient customs.

Whether you seek a moment of peace or to delve into Japan's storied past, Meiji Shrine offers a deep experience that reflects the nation's spiritual and cultural identity. Remember to respect the customs – bow slightly when passing under the torii gates and clean your hands at the water pavilion before praying. This respectful approach will enhance your visit to this respected site.

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