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Tsukiji Outer Market

Tsukiji Outer Market in Tokyo has fresh seafood, local food, souvenirs, and a historic feel, open daily until 2 PM.

At the heart of Tokyo's culinary scene is Tsukiji Outer Market, a sprawling network of food stalls and shops that once serviced the legendary Tsukiji Fish Market. Known for its fresh seafood and active atmosphere, the market is a popular place for both locals and visitors looking for an authentic sample of Tokyo's food offerings.

The Tsukiji Outer Market stands as a living reminder of Tokyo's rich food culture, remaining firm even after the inner wholesale market's move to Toyosu in 2018. With its narrow lanes and over 300 shops, the market offers everything from the freshest tuna to handcrafted kitchen knives. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early to see the market at its most lively, with vendors skillfully preparing and displaying their goods.

One of the pleasures of Tsukiji is the chance to taste Japanese dishes in their most original form. Sushi and sashimi made with fish that was likely in the ocean just hours before, tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet), and kaisendon (seafood rice bowl) are among the specialties that can be enjoyed on the spot. For those who enjoy sweets, traditional wagashi and matcha offer a satisfying end to a market meal.

Apart from food, Tsukiji Outer Market is an excellent place to find distinctive souvenirs, such as handmade ceramics and local crafts. The market's history, dating back to 1935, is noticeable in its atmosphere, with generations of vendors sharing their passion and expertise with customers.

For the best experience, be attentive to the market's informal rules: don't block the busy pathways, be ready for cash transactions, and always ask for permission before taking photos. Tsukiji Outer Market is more than a place to eat and shop—it's a cultural experience that offers a look into the daily lives of Tokyo's residents. Open from 5 AM to around 2 PM, it is easily reached by public transport, located just a short walk from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Line.

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