Observation tower in Seoul

N Seoul Tower

Visit N Seoul Tower for panoramic city views, dining, Locks of Love, cultural events, and digital learning on Seoul's history.

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Standing tall at 236 meters, N Seoul Tower is a prominent feature of South Korea's skyline. Located atop Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, this tower provides panoramic views of the sprawling cityscape. Featuring an observation deck, cultural spaces, and a variety of dining options, it also includes the iconic Locks of Love, where couples leave padlocks as a symbol of their commitment. With its digital observatory and revolving restaurant, N Seoul Tower offers both a high-tech and romantic experience.

Observation Decks and Views

Once at N Seoul Tower, visitors should make their way to the observation decks. The tower has multiple platforms, including the digital observatory, which presents the visitor with a technological approach to learning about Seoul's landmarks and history through high-definition screens. While on these decks, guests are treated to a 360-degree view of Seoul. On clear days, you can see as far as Incheon and the Yellow Sea.

Dining Options at N Seoul Tower

For those wishing to combine their sightseeing with a meal, N Seoul Tower's revolving restaurant, n.GRILL, provides an elegant dining experience while offering continually changing vistas as you eat. The tower also houses the Hancook restaurant, which serves traditional Korean dishes with a modern twist, allowing for a culinary adventure alongside the visual one.

Locks of Love

A visit to N Seoul Tower is not complete without seeing the thousands of padlocks affixed to the fences around the base of the tower and on special trees, which symbolize eternal love. This area, known as the "Locks of Love," is a vibrant spot where visitors come to attach padlocks and sometimes hang placards with heartfelt messages.

Cultural Performances and Events

Throughout the year, N Seoul Tower hosts a range of cultural performances, events, and seasonal festivals. These may include traditional Korean music and dance shows or temporary art installations that offer both entertainment and deeper insight into Korea's rich cultural heritage.

Accessibility and Ticket Information

N Seoul Tower prides itself on being accessible to all. Tickets can be purchased at the site for access to the observation areas. You can find up-to-date pricing and package deals that often combine entrance fees with other perks or meals at their official website or at the ticketing counter on-site.

Nearby Attractions and Hiking Trails

Around Namsan Mountain where N Seoul Tower is perched, there are also serene walking paths and nature trails for those who prefer to explore on foot. Hikers can enjoy a pre- or post-tower climb through Namsan Park's well-maintained trails while observing local flora and fauna.

Souvenir Shopping at N Seoul Tower

For those looking to bring home a memento from their visit, souvenir shops within the N Seoul Tower offer a range of goods from standard keepsakes to more unique items related to the tower and Korean culture. It is an ideal place to find gifts for loved ones or a personal keepsake.

Nighttime Views and Light Displays

As dusk falls, N Seoul Tower transitions into a brilliant light display. Visitors who stay into the evening hours can enjoy a different ambiance as the tower lights up in synchronization with various themes throughout the year. It provides a spectacular end to a day spent exploring all that N Seoul Tower has to offer.

Interaction with Technology

For tech-savvy visitors or those looking for an educational experience, the digital observatory further provides historical information and points out major landmarks via its augmented reality screens. It's an interactive way to engage with the city from above and understand its layout and history better.

What people say about N Seoul Tower


The view was amazing (although I didn’t go up the actual tower) and it was super cool to see all the locks couples have hung there!


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