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Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach in Monaco offers pebbly shores, clear waters, sports, dining, and proximity to cultural sites.

Larvotto Beach is a public beach located in the glamorous district of Monaco. Known for its pebbly shore and clear Mediterranean waters, it is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming. Nearby, there is a selection of upscale shops and restaurants, as well as the Grimaldi Forum, a cultural center hosting events and exhibitions. Despite its small size, Larvotto Beach provides visitors with a slice of Monaco's luxury lifestyle.

Getting to Larvotto Beach

The beach sits close to the city center, making it an easy walk from many hotels and local attractions. For those staying further afield or with mobility concerns, Monaco's public bus service offers convenient options with stops near the beach. Alternatively, you can make use of the principality's taxi services or the rental of electric bikes, which are a pleasant way to navigate Monaco's picturesque roads.

Water Sports and Activities

For active beachgoers, Larvotto Beach presents numerous water sports and activities. From jet skiing and paddleboarding to more relaxed options like sun loungers and parasols for hire, there's something for everyone. You'll also find facilities for beach volleyball, an activity enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. These amenities are usually available during the summer season when the beach is most lively.

Dining Options Near the Beach

The proximity of upscale restaurants and casual eateries provides an array of dining options. Seafront venues such as La Note Bleue offer relaxation with a menu to complement the beach setting. You can enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink without straying far from the Mediterranean's soothing ambiance.

Nearby Attractions in Monaco

Larvotto Beach's central location places it within walking distance of many of Monaco's attractions. After a day on the beach, you can explore nearby sites such as the Japanese Garden, an oasis of tranquility designed by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu, or visit the Grimaldi Forum for its diverse program of cultural events.

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