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Fancy hotels and fast cars at the French riviera.

Monaco: A small yet affluent state, featuring historic sites, luxury lifestyle, lush gardens, and famed for its annual F1 Grand Prix.

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Monaco is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera known for its opulent lifestyle, prestigious Grand Prix motor race, and as a haven for the wealthy with its luxury hotels and high-stakes Monte Carlo Casino. Despite its small size, this glamorous enclave packs in a range of experiences, from the yacht-lined Port Hercules to the quiet, cobbled streets of the old town, Monaco-Ville. The Prince's Palace of Monaco and the Oceanographic Museum are key landmarks, reflecting the principality's long-standing maritime associations and royal heritage.

The Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace stands as a symbol of the Grimaldi dynasty, which has ruled Monaco for over 700 years. You can witness the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony and explore the state apartments. The palace also hosts open-air concerts conducted by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra during the summer.

Monte Carlo Casino

Step inside the Monte Carlo Casino, an architectural masterpiece and a focal point in Monaco's social and cultural fabric. Apart from the casino's gaming rooms, visitors can appreciate its opulence, artwork, and intricate design. It's not just a gambler's paradise but also a monument to the belle époque style.

Grand Prix de Monaco

For motorsport enthusiasts, the Monaco Grand Prix is unparalleled. The race is held annually on a street circuit with tight corners, elevation changes, and tunnels. It's one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world and offers a thrilling experience for spectators.

Oceanographic Museum and Marine Sciences

With a commanding position atop a cliff, the Oceanographic Museum immerses you in marine sciences and oceanography. Established by Prince Albert I, it's home to a multitude of sea species and presents a historical perspective on marine conservation.

The Exotic Garden and Its Collection of Plants

The Exotic Garden is a botanical paradise that showcases a rich variety of drought-resistant plants and cacti. This cliffside garden also grants visitors sweeping views over Monaco and the sea while walking through its lush pathways.

Fontvieille and its Development

Visit Fontvieille, a modern district reclaimed from the sea. Here, you'll find the Naval Museum, the Monaco Top Cars Collection, and plenty of recreational spaces, including a stadium and a heliport.

Luxury Shopping Experience

Monaco is a premier destination for luxury shopping with designer boutiques and jewelry stores lining places such as the Golden Circle near Casino Square. Monte Carlo's Pavilions are temporary structures that offer an exclusive retail experience.

Public Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

For a pleasant stroll, explore Monaco’s public gardens like the St Martin Gardens, created in the late 19th century, offering quiet spots and stunning sea views. The Princess Grace Rose Garden is another tranquil spot featuring hundreds of rose varieties.

Monaco Cathedral

The Monaco Cathedral is an architectural gem dating back to 1875. It's made from white stones from La Turbie and contains the tombs of past sovereigns, including Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III.

The Cultural Scene

Monaco’s cultural offerings are rich with venues like the Grimaldi Forum hosting exhibitions and performances. The Monte-Carlo Opera and the Ballets de Monte-Carlo offer high-quality performances drawing audiences from around the world.

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