Mexico City

The Aztecs built what is now the oldest capital in the Americas.

Mexico City, a dense metropolis with over 21 million people, offers rich history, cultural landmarks, and is encircled by mountains and volcanoes.

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Mexico City, the sprawling capital of Mexico, is both modern and steeped in pre-Hispanic and colonial history. The city features the ancient Aztec Templo Mayor, the baroque Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heavens built atop the Aztec sacred precinct, and the vast Chapultepec Park which houses the renowned National Museum of Anthropology. Mexico City's main square, the Plaza de la ConstituciĂłn, commonly known as ZĂłcalo, is one of the largest city squares in the world and often the center of major public celebrations, concerts, and cultural events.

Templo Mayor and Aztec History

The heart of Mexico City's historical narrative can be traced back to the Templo Mayor, a major temple of the Aztecs and a significant archaeological site. Here, visitors can explore the remains of what was once the center of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. The accompanying museum displays artifacts and provides insights into the Aztec way of life prior to Spanish conquest.

Street Food and Traditional Cuisine

No visit to Mexico City is complete without indulging in its street food, which offers an array of flavors that define the local cuisine. Tasting tacos al pastor from a street vendor or savoring tamales and atole for breakfast are ways to experience the city's culinary culture firsthand. For traditional dining, restaurants such as El Cardenal or Pujol serve dishes that reflect the country's rich gastronomic heritage.

Day of the Dead and Local Customs

Experience Mexico City's vibrant customs by joining in the Day of the Dead festivities, which take place at the end of October and beginning of November. One can witness parades, altars, and offerings dedicated to deceased loved ones, a tradition that beautifully illustrates Mexico's relationship with ancestry and the afterlife.

Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum, located in Coyoacán, is also known as Casa Azul (The Blue House) for its cobalt-blue walls. This residence-turned-museum is where Frida Kahlo was born, lived, and died. It offers intimate insight into her life and works and is an essential stop for art enthusiasts.

Affordability and Budget-Friendly Options

Mexico City is known for its affordability, making it a desirable destination for budget-conscious travelers. Markets like La Ciudadela offer a wide array of handcrafted goods at reasonable prices, and many cultural sites have free entry days or minimal entrance fees.

Chapultepec Park

For nature lovers and those seeking relaxation, Chapultepec Park — one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere — provides a verdant escape from urban life. Inside the park, you can find the National Museum of Anthropology, which houses pre-Columbian artifacts and offers further exploration into Mexico’s indigenous cultures.

Neighborhood Vibes: Coyoacán and La Condesa

Each neighborhood in Mexico City has its own unique atmosphere. Coyoacán is characterized by its bohemian vibe and colorful streets, while La Condesa is known for its art deco buildings and trendy nightlife. Walking these areas can give visitors a feel for what it's like to live in this diverse metropolis.

Navigating Mexico City

Mexico City's public transportation system includes Metro, MetrobĂşs, and light-rail services that facilitate movement across the city. The Metro system is often the quickest way to get around despite its crowds. For destinations not easily accessible by public transportation, ride-hailing apps are widely used and provide convenient transport options.

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