Historic House Museum in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House

Explore the Anne Frank House where Anne's powerful diary and the secret annex offer a real look into her life during WWII.

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The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is a historic house museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. Visitors can explore the secret annex where Anne and her family hid from Nazi persecution during World War II. The original diary and other personal items are on display, offering a poignant insight into her life and the broader context of the Holocaust. The museum also provides educational programs and contemporary exhibits relating to themes of discrimination and human rights.

Exhibits and Artifacts in the Museum

Once inside the Anne Frank House, visitors have the opportunity to see a range of exhibits that detail the lives of the Frank family and those who shared the Secret Annex with them. The museum's collection includes historical documents, photographs, and personal items belonging to the residents of the annex. One of the most significant items on display is Anne Frank's original diary, which she wrote in during her time in hiding. This diary provides a deeply human perspective on the events of World War II and the impact of the Holocaust.

The Secret Annex Experience

The heart of a visit to the Anne Frank House is the Secret Annex itself. This concealed space behind a movable bookcase is where Anne Frank, her family, and four others lived in hiding for more than two years. Visitors can walk through the cramped rooms of the annex, which have been preserved to reflect the conditions in which the Frank family lived. This immersive experience is both moving and educational, highlighting the harsh realities faced by those who were persecuted during the war.

Diary of Anne Frank and Other Personal Writings

In addition to the exhibits, visitors can delve deeper into Anne's thoughts and experiences through her personal writings. The diary entries are not only historical documents but also literary works that reveal Anne's hopes, fears, and aspirations. The museum also displays other writings from Anne, including short stories and essays, further showcasing her talent as a writer and providing another dimension to her legacy.

Educational Programs and Resources

The Anne Frank House is not just a museum; it also serves as an educational center. Various programs are aimed at fostering understanding among visitors about the dangers of anti-Semitism, discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion. Workshops, guided tours, and educational materials are available for school groups and individuals. These resources aim to encourage reflection and dialogue on contemporary issues related to Anne Frank's story.

Visitor Experience and Guidelines

To visit the Anne Frank House, it is recommended to purchase tickets online in advance due to the high demand and limited capacity. This ensures entry at a designated time slot without long waits. The museum is open every day, with varying hours that can be checked on their official website. Photography is not allowed inside to preserve the atmosphere and respect for all visitors.

Accessibility and Facilities at the Museum

The Anne Frank House is accessible to individuals with mobility limitations, although some areas, like the Secret Annex, are not due to the historical structure of the building. Facilities such as a museum café or restrooms are available for visitors' comfort. Wheelchair users and visitors with disabilities should check the museum's website or contact them for specific information before their visit.

Nearby Attractions in the Amsterdam Area

After visiting the Anne Frank House, there are several other attractions nearby worth exploring to complete your Amsterdam experience. For instance, just a short walk away is the Westerkerk (Western Church), where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city from its tower. The Jordaan neighborhood, known for its picturesque canals and trendy boutiques, is also close by and perfect for a leisurely stroll. Additionally, you can visit other significant museums like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum which are located within easy reach in Amsterdam's Museum Quarter.

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