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Explore Jordaan's historical streets, visit the poignant Anne Frank House, local markets, art museums, and savor Dutch cuisine in Amsterdam.

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Jordaan, once a working-class district in Amsterdam, has transformed into a sought-after residential area, famed for its narrow streets, intimate courtyards, and historical buildings. It's well-known for the Anne Frank House, where the diarist hid during World War II, and the Jordaan's weekly markets, such as the Noordermarkt, offer a glimpse into the local community life. The neighborhood's galleries, boutiques, and eateries cater to a diverse and artistic crowd, reflecting its evolution from a humble beginning to a vibrant cultural center.

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a defining historical landmark in Jordaan. Visitors can explore the hidden annex where Anne Frank and her family lived in hiding during World War II and see the original diary. This poignant museum is not only a sobering reminder of the past but also holds significant educational value.

Traditional Dutch Cuisine in Jordaan

For food enthusiasts, Jordaan offers a host of dining options that serve traditional Dutch cuisine. 'Café de Prins' is known for its pannenkoeken, Dutch pancakes that come with a variety of toppings. Another must-visit eatery is 'Winkel 43', famous for its Dutch apple pie. Visitors should also seek out 'La Perla' for authentic wood-fired pizzas, showcasing the neighborhood's culinary diversity.

Local Customs and Events

Part of Jordaan's charm is found in its local customs and regular events. The 'Noordermarkt' hosts a Farmer's Market every Saturday, where locals shop for organic food and artisanal products. On Mondays, the market transforms into a flea market where bargain hunters can search for vintage clothing and antiques.

Key Sights in Jordaan

Jordaan is home to a variety of sights, from intimate courtyards, known as 'hofjes,' to culturally significant buildings. Visitors interested in the arts should not miss the 'Amsterdam Tulip Museum' or the 'Electric Ladyland', the first museum of fluorescent art. The 'Houseboat Museum' gives an insight into living on Amsterdam's waterways, a unique experience of the city.

Living in Jordaan

The cost of living in Jordaan reflects its status as a popular and historic area, with property values generally higher than in other parts of Amsterdam. However, the neighborhood is known for its tight-knit community feel and relative safety, making it an appealing place to reside.

Outdoor Activities and Natural Spaces

Jordaan also boasts several green spaces where one can relax. 'Egelantiersgracht' and 'Brouwersgracht' are picturesque canals lined with trees, offering a tranquil space for a leisurely stroll. For active visitors, renting a bike to explore the cobblestone streets provides an immersive way to experience the area's energy.

Transport and Accessibility

Regarding transportation, Jordaan is well-connected to the rest of Amsterdam. The area is accessible by various tram lines and bus routes. Bicycles are also ubiquitous, with several rental shops catering to those who prefer this popular Dutch mode of transportation. Walking remains one of the best ways to appreciate the intricate details of Jordaan's architecture and ambience.

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