The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean, Dutch style.

Climb the Netherlands' highest point in Saba, and dive into an underwater haven at Saba National Marine Park.

Welcome to Saba, a tiny, volcano-shaped island in the Caribbeans. With its highest point being Mount Scenery, this island is known for its unique biodiversity and well-preserved nature.

Saba's main attraction is the Mount Scenery, the highest point in the Netherlands with an elevation of 887 meters. It's an active volcano, although the last eruption was over 300 years ago. The hike to the top can be quite a challenge due to the steep and sometimes slippery paths, but once you reach the top, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea.

The island is rich in biodiversity. The waters around Saba are protected as part of the Saba National Marine Park, an underwater haven for divers with more than 150 species of fish and various types of coral. Diving and snorkeling here are amongst the best in the region. You can see turtles, rays, sharks and many more.

Saba is not your typical Caribbean island with sandy beaches. Its coastline is rugged and steep. If you fancy a swim, you'll find a small man-made beach at Wells Bay, or you can cool down in one of the tide pools.

The island's population is around 2000 people and its capital is The Bottom. Despite its name, it's actually located high in the mountains. The other two main villages, Windwardside and Hell's Gate, are full of charming red-roofed and white-walled cottages, giving the island a distinctive look.

Saba's culinary scene mainly consists of Caribbean-style dishes, with lots of seafood and tropical fruit. Try local dishes like goat stew or conch soup at any of the small restaurants on the island.

In terms of climate, Saba has a tropical rainforest climate, with warm temperatures and regular rainfall throughout the year. The heaviest rainfall occurs between September and November, which coincides with the hurricane season.

Average temperatures during the day in Saba.

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