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North Cape

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At the top of the world, North Cape is a place of extremes. Europe's northernmost point, it's also one of the most isolated and rugged places on the continent, battered by the elements and home to a few hearty souls who make their living from fishing and tourism. The views are stunning, but the weather can be brutal, so come prepared. If you're lucky enough to have a clear day, you'll be treated to a panorama of the Arctic Ocean, stretching as far as the eye can see. There's a visitor centre and a few restaurants, but the real attraction is the chance to feel like you're at the end of the earth.

What people say about North Cape


This place really feels like end of the world. In a good way :-)

When I was planning my trip to the northernmost place in Norway, I thought it will be an abandoned road, maybe with a sign that signifies the cool geographic position. North Cape is not that! As I discovered, many people think it's a nice road trip to as far North as you can, and it really is. You will find many travellers who share this goal. And it's not a bad thing, too, because the popularity made possible the interesting museum and pleasant caffe at the "end of the world".

North Cape is worth the trip. Not only for the destination, but mostly for the journey. But the feeling you get when standing on the edge of this cliff, looking at the seemingly infinite ocean, won't disappoint.


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