Bohemian quarter in Wellington

Cuba Street

Cuba Street: Wellington's lively center with historic sites, unique stores, and an active night market.

Cuba Street is the heart of Wellington's bohemian quarter, a busy pedestrian mall known for its mix of history, culture, and food. A favorite place for locals and visitors, it captures the creative spirit of the city with heritage buildings, street art, and a strong sense of community.

The street's character comes from a range of vintage shops, bookstores, and ethnic restaurants. A sense of history mixes with today's energy, offering experiences from shopping for unique items to international tastes at outdoor dining spots. The Bucket Fountain, a unique water sculpture, is a popular spot for photos.

Each week, the night market is full of vendors selling crafts and street food, along with live music that covers different styles. Regulars say to really know Wellington, one should visit this market, where the blend of smells, sounds, and views create a lively atmosphere.

Cuba Street also leads to cultural locations like the Te Aro area, which is home to galleries and theaters that give visitors a taste of New Zealand’s arts scene. Here, various performances and exhibitions give insight into the creative minds of Wellington.

Cuba Street is noteworthy for its dedication to the environment and sustainability, with shops offering eco-friendly products and ethical fashion alongside second-hand bookshops and record stores, appealing to thoughtful consumers.

Getting there is easy, with the street just a 15-minute walk from the Wellington Railway Station. Whether to enjoy locally roasted coffee or join in on street events, Cuba Street offers a look into Wellington’s essence.

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