Wildlife sanctuary in Wellington


Zealandia: A 225-hectare sanctuary in Wellington preserving local ecosystems and rare wildlife.

In the heart of Wellington, Zealandia is not just a sanctuary but also an eco-restoration project that aims to recreate New Zealand's ancient ecosystems. This 225-hectare urban ecosanctuary is dedicated to conservation efforts and shows nature's ability to recover.

Zealandia offers an experience by reversing human impact to reveal New Zealand’s original ecosystems. Endangered species like the flightless takahē and nocturnal kiwi find a safe haven here. The sanctuary is surrounded by an 8.6-kilometer predator-proof fence, providing a secure environment for plants and animals to thrive.

Visitors can explore walking trails through native forest, leading to wildlife that once was on the brink of extinction. The progress of the environment's recovery is evident with every rustle in the underbrush and birdcall.

Apart from daytime walks, Zealandia changes at nightfall. Night tours feature creatures like glow worms and less commonly seen forest animals. Guides provide information about these nighttime species, which are often not observed elsewhere.

The visitor center's exhibit offers information about New Zealand’s ecology and conservation efforts, focusing on Zealandia's development and ongoing scientific work.

Zealandia provides active involvement with conservation and an opportunity to see New Zealand's wildlife as it once was. It represents a sanctuary for today and a promise for tomorrow, situated in the heart of Wellington.

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