Cool Arabian summers in the mountain resorts.

Explore Taif's rich history at Shubra Palace, savor local dishes, and admire its natural parks and mountain views.

Taif, a city nestled in the mountains of Saudi Arabia's Mecca Province, has pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes, and agricultural abundance, contributing to its reputation as the "City of Roses." It is also known for its historical significance, with landmarks such as the Shubra Palace now housing the Taif Regional Museum. Beyond its fragrant rose gardens, Taif's Al Rudaf Park showcases local wildlife, and the Al Hada mountain offers panoramic views and a cable car ride.

Shubra Palace

Shubra Palace, a historical building that once served as the residence of King Abdulaziz, now houses the Taif Regional Museum. The museum gives visitors a glimpse into the area's past and present, displaying regional artifacts, historical photographs, and traditional attire. Visiting this location informs travelers about Taif's role in Saudi history, including its function as a summer capital due to its cooler climate.

Traditional Cuisine of Taif

Travelers interested in local flavors should seek out traditional dishes such as Saleeg, a creamy rice dish, and Mandi, a spiced meat and rice meal that is a staple in Taif's culinary scene. Sampling the local honey, renowned for its purity, adds a sweet touch to the experience. The city's markets and restaurants provide an opportunity to try these delicacies and observe the importance of agriculture in the region.

Al Rudaf Park and Al Hada Mountain

Al Rudaf Park is an ideal setting for those looking to unwind in nature or picnic with family. This large natural park features an array of sculptures and a mini zoo that is home to local wildlife. In contrast, Al Hada mountain, accessible via the Al Hada cable car, presents stunning views of the area's dramatic landscape. This attraction offers not only scenic beauty but also an engaging way to travel between Taif and the nearby valley.

Festivals and Cultural Events

For visitors arriving in spring, attending the Rose Festival is a highlight that celebrates the city's agricultural heritage. This event showcases the harvest of Taif's famous roses, which are distilled into rose water and perfume. Throughout the year, other cultural events reflect the city's traditions and offer insights into local arts, crafts, and performances.

Cost and Safety

Taif is generally perceived as an affordable destination for travelers, with options ranging from budget accommodations to more luxurious resorts. With regard to safety, Taif is considered safe for tourists!

Daily Life and Atmosphere in Taif

The daily life in Taif exudes a relaxed pace relative to the larger cities in Saudi Arabia. The cooler climate contributes to a more comfortable atmosphere for exploring the city's traditional souqs and modern shopping centers. Observing the local customs and interactions gives visitors a sense of the community’s lifestyle.

Getting Around in Taif

To navigate around Taif, options include taxis and private car hires. While some attractions are within walking distance in the city center, others require transportation due to their location in the mountains or outskirts. Renting a car provides flexibility for those wishing to explore at their own pace.

Average temperatures during the day in Taif.

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