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Singapore Zoo

Discover over 2,800 animals at Singapore Zoo's open enclosures, nocturnal adventures, and unique dining with wildlife.

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Singapore Zoo, set within the lush Mandai rainforest, provides a home for over 2,800 animals from more than 300 species. The zoo is notable for its open concept, offering visitors the opportunity to experience and interact with wildlife in spacious, landscaped enclosures. Key highlights include the Orangutan Exhibit, where these intelligent primates live in a naturalistic environment, and the Splash Safari Show, featuring sea lions.

Animal Exhibits and Habitats

One of the foremost attractions at Singapore Zoo is its diverse array of animal exhibits and habitats. The Fragile Forest is a biodome that allows you to walk through a richly recreated rainforest landscape, getting up close with flying foxes, mousedeer, and a variety of colorful butterflies. The Frozen Tundra is home to the magnificent Inuka, the first polar bear born in the tropics. This habitat is designed to mirror the arctic, complete with a climate-controlled environment and an expansive pool for Inuka to swim.

The Night Safari Experience

As the world’s first nocturnal zoo, the Night Safari offers a unique glimpse into the lives of over 120 species that are active at night. A tram ride provides an overview of the park's different zones, while walking trails like the Leopard Trail and Fishing Cat Trail offer opportunities for more intimate encounters with wildlife. This immersive experience is a must for visitors looking to understand the behaviors of nocturnal animals in environments that closely mimic their natural habitats.

The River Safari and Giant Panda Forest

Adjacent to Singapore Zoo, the River Safari is Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park, featuring freshwater exhibits and a riverboat ride as its main highlights. The park’s residents include manatees and Mekong giant catfish. A standout feature is the Giant Panda Forest, where you can observe the beloved pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia amidst a setting that simulates their natural surroundings.

The Jurong Bird Park

A short drive from Singapore Zoo is the renowned Jurong Bird Park, home to thousands of birds across 400 species. The Waterfall Aviary, one of the world's largest walk-in aviaries, houses over 600 birds as well as a 30-meter-high waterfall. Here, you can engage with a range of exotic birds flying freely around you – a true bird lover’s paradise.

The Rainforest Kidzworld

A dedicated section for children, the Rainforest Kidzworld offers interactive and educational fun. Kids can engage in activities like pony rides, a petting zoo, and a wet play area perfect for cooling off on hot days. Educational shows here emphasize animal care and conservation, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning.

Educational Shows and Feeding Sessions

Singapore Zoo hosts several educational shows daily, such as the Elephants at Work and Play Show, which provide insights into animal behavior and habitats. Scheduled animal feeding sessions throughout the day also give visitors a chance to see the animals at their most active times and learn about their diets from knowledgeable zookeepers.

Conservation Efforts and Research Programs

The zoo actively participates in numerous conservation initiatives and research projects aimed at preserving species and their ecosystems. By visiting the zoo, you're supporting ongoing efforts such as breeding programs for critically endangered species like the Sumatran orangutan and the white rhinoceros.

Accessibility and Visitor Facilities

Singapore Zoo is designed to be accessible for visitors of all ages and abilities. The park is wheelchair-friendly with rental services available at the entrance. Free Wi-Fi spots, prayer rooms, nursing rooms, and first aid stations ensure comfort for all visitors. Rest areas and various food outlets are also scattered across the zoo to provide opportunities for rest and refreshment during your visit.

Dining Options within the Zoo

For those looking for a dining experience with a difference, Singapore Zoo offers several options. Ah Meng Restaurant serves local dishes and international cuisine, while Jungle Breakfast is a popular buffet experience that allows you to dine with orangutans – an experience unique to Singapore Zoo.

Unique Experiences and Encounters with Wildlife

For those looking for a more personalized encounter with wildlife, Singapore Zoo provides unique experiences such as the Wild Discoverer Tour, where you can get behind-the-scenes looks at various habitats. The Jungle Breakfast gives you an opportunity to start your day dining amidst animals like orangutans and snakes, providing an unforgettable start to your morning.

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