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Červená Skala

Railway crossroads and gateway to Slovak paradise.

Červená Skala in Slovakia offers scenic rides on the Čiernohronská Railway, hiking to Muráň Castle ruins, and local cuisine like bryndzové halušky in the Low Tatras.

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Nestled in the Low Tatras of Slovakia, Červená Skala is a village known for its connection to the Čiernohronská Railway, a historic narrow-gauge railway that once transported timber and now serves tourists. The area is surrounded by hiking trails that lead into the Muránska Planina National Park, offering access to natural landmarks like the Muráň Castle ruins. This village also marks one of the starting points for the Hron River, which is popular for water sports in the summer.

Čiernohronská Railway

The Čiernohronská Railway is the highlight of Červená Skala. Originally built for logging, this narrow-gauge railway now serves as a tourist attraction, providing scenic rides through the dense forests and along the Hron River. The ride offers a unique perspective on the region's natural beauty and industrial heritage. Tickets can be purchased at the local station, and the ride is especially popular during the summer months.

Muráň Castle Ruins

A short hike from Červená Skala leads you to the Muráň Castle ruins, perched atop a limestone plateau in the Muránska Planina National Park. The trail to the ruins is well-marked and offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. The castle itself dates back to the 13th century and is one of the highest situated castle ruins in Slovakia, providing a fascinating glimpse into medieval history.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities

The village is a gateway to numerous hiking trails that wind through the Low Tatras and Muránska Planina National Park. Trails vary in difficulty, offering options for casual walkers and experienced hikers alike. For those interested in water sports, the nearby Hron River is popular for kayaking and rafting during the summer months.

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