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UFO Observation Deck

Explore panoramic views of Bratislava from the UFO Observation Deck atop the New Bridge, featuring a unique saucer-shaped platform.

The UFO Observation Deck is a unique landmark in Bratislava, Slovakia, known for its futuristic architecture and panoramic views of the Danube River and the cityscape. Situated atop the New Bridge, this observation deck and restaurant offer a 360-degree vista from its elevated platform. Visitors can learn about the bridge's construction at the exhibit inside the base of the tower before ascending to the deck for an unparalleled perspective of the capital.

Architectural Design and Panoramic Views

The UFO Observation Deck not only offers visitors a chance to enjoy comprehensive views but stands as an architectural icon in itself. The deck is situated 95 meters above ground on the top of the New Bridge's pylon. The observation area, shaped like a flying saucer, gives the landmark its name and offers a viewing experience with a 360-degree perspective. This provides a spectacular opportunity to see Bratislava's old town, the meandering Danube River, and, on clear days, parts of Austria and Hungary.

UFO Restaurant

For those looking to complement the visual experience with culinary delight, the UFO restaurant provides a range of dishes while you dine among the clouds. The restaurant serves as a unique vantage point where diners can enjoy local cuisine with an aerial view of Bratislava and beyond. Reservations are recommended as the restaurant provides a sought-after dining experience.

Accessibility and Entrance Fees

To reach the top of the New Bridge and enter the UFO Observation Deck, visitors can take an elevator located within one of the bridge's pillars. There is an entry fee for the observation deck, with reduced prices for students, children, and seniors. The deck is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the vistas.

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

The UFO Observation Deck's central location makes it easy for sightseers to combine their visit with other attractions. The historic Bratislava Castle is a short distance away and offers an insight into the city’s past with its museums and galleries. The charming old town, with St. Martin's Cathedral and the Main Square, is also within walking distance and perfect for a day of exploration.

Walking and Cycling Paths Along the Danube

Beneath the UFO Observation Deck, along the riverbanks of the Danube, visitors will find extensive walking and cycling paths. These trails offer a leisurely way to explore the riverfront, leading to green areas like Sad Janka Kráľa Park and offering pleasure boat trips on the river.

Evening Atmosphere and Lighting

When the sun sets, the UFO Observation Deck transforms with lighting that accentuates its futuristic design. The evening atmosphere is enhanced by the shimmering reflections on the river and the lit-up cityscape, making a visit after dark a completely different experience.

Historical Significance of the New Bridge (Most SNP)

Most SNP, commonly called the New Bridge, has its own tale to tell. Opening in 1972 during the Communist era, it stands as a testament to modern engineering and design from that period. Despite its controversial construction which led to part of the old town being demolished, including a significant part of its Jewish quarter, it has become an integral part of Bratislava’s skyline.

Practical Information for Visitors

The UFO Observation Deck operates throughout the year with varying hours depending on the season. Visitors should check current operating times before planning their visit. Due to its popularity, it's advisable to arrive early or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds. A visit lasts typically around 30 minutes to an hour, allowing ample time to take in the views and capture photographs.

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